Opposite of Me (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is 22, he's an artist in uni and the only thing he's ever cared about is his art.

Niall is 21, he's studying music and has always cared about everything

Zayn had a colder heart, not caring much for others or animals and was selfish. Niall's heart was warmer, he wanted to make the world happy, and was selfless.

When Zayn first met Niall his eyes recognized him as art, and that's what struck Zayn's interest.

When Niall first met Zayn his ears recognized Zayn's voice as music, and that's how Zayn became another person in his life

With the two so opposite, yet so fascinated and inspired by one another, what could happen?


4. 4

Zayn's POV

I watched the blond sit with his lunch, a brunette soon coming to join him.

They spoke with smiles, and I couldn't help but notice the ring on her wedding finger. Maybe they were engaged?

All I could feel was an undeniable jealously towards what I was seeing. The girl pointed at me, the blond beauty turned to look at me, his bright blue eyes meeting my full brown ones

He offered me a smile, one that I didn't return.

I noticed the girl talking to him, unable to ignore how amazed he looked while watching me. He gulped, making me smirk.

What a cutie




Both the blond who went by Niall and the brunette bitch Gabi from my art class stood up, I began to lose interest

I suddenly noticed that they didn't hug, nor make any contact. They said a few words and she left. Niall went to the food line, and I got to my feet, getting in a different line.

I ordered a made sushi box and was pissed to find my seat taken by the time I had paid.

I guess I can talk to Niall, it's now or never

I walked over and stood in front of him, watching him look up

"Hey" I said calmly

"Hi" he lit up brightly

"Is your girlfriend still sitting here?"

"That wasn't my girlfriend" he laughed "I don't swing that way"

"Expecting your boyfriend then?" I asked

"No boyfriend" he smiled with a blush "it's just me and the empty seat, you're welcome to sit"

"I'm Zayn"

"Niall, it's a pleasure to meet you" he shook my hand "I love your painting by the way"

"Which one?"

"You have more than one?" His eyes seemed to shine in excitement

"I do" I smiled "I paint a lot"

"You'll have to show me, I bet they're amazing" he grinned at me, a goofy look on his face that I couldn't help but find attractive

He's really smiley though... It's different

"I'll do so after break" I told him "I can show you the ones put up around the campus and maybe my own personal ones some time?"

"Where are those?" He asked curiously

"My studio"

"Wow, you have a studio?"

"Not that kind of studio" I said seriously "I live there"

"Oh" he then grinned "sure, sounds awesome"

"You know um... I saw you looking at my painting this morning" I got out

He blushed "oh... Sorry I took a photo"

"No, I know" I said quickly "it's okay. I'm glad you like my painting, I like yo- I-I like it too, I mean"

He laughed cutely, his laugh was very loud. It was an odd laugh, he covered his mouth to muffle the sound which I thought was kind of adorable

"Okay, I've completely given it away" I said seriously "so I'm gonna get to the point. Do you... Want to go out sometime?"

"Where are we going?" Niall asked softly

"We can go to the movies or dinner, or to my studio... That's up to you"

"Is this like a date?"

"I mean, I want it to be" I said seriously

He blushed "that sounds wonderful"

"I guess after this we can just go somewhere"

"Your studio sounds like fun" he smiled playfully

"Yeah?" I smiled, feeling my pants tighten

"Yeah" he placed a hand over mine

I looked down, shocked to find such a soft hand. I grabbed it, letting my own hand touch over the smooth skin

He blushed deeply, tugging away at first. But I held tighter, lacing our fingers.

When I looked over at him, he was smiling kindly, his blush had already spread down his neck and over his chest

"Z-Zayn..." He stammered

"You are so beautiful" I told him, my voice coming hard

"Thank you" he spoke softly

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