Limerence (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is stuck in a midlife crisis in a school with one of the biggest reputations to uphold.

Zayn always liked one boy. But he knew he didn't stand a chance for more than one reason.

He was getting desperate, his homophobic mates were getting suspicious

He had to do it, he had to forget about Niall. So, he got a girlfriend.

He just needed a cover up. Niall was never going to notice him anyway



1. 1

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you're gay"

That one sentence had wound me up where I was right now. Desperate, and needing a girlfriend

"Perrie" I smiled

"Hi, Zayn" she gave me a smile back "what can I do for you?"

"Uh... I was just wondering" I bit my lip "do you maybe wanna... Go out sometime?"

She instantly blushed "sure, where are we going?"

"Wherever you want to"

"What about the movies?" She suggested

"Sounds perfect, anything you want to see?"

"Um... I don't mind" She put her hands behind her back "after all, you'll be the only thing I'm going to watch"

I swallowed hard as he passed behind her, my eyes averting to the blond boy

I couldn't help it, he was just so... Perfect

He was walking with Louis, he used to be my best friend when we were little. Now Louis hated me for some reason, so I chose to hate him back.

But enough about Louis. Niall, now he was a star. He stood out from everyone, and he was so fucking beautiful that sometimes I'd hold my breath when he spoke.

"Zayn" Perrie called

"Oh I... I'll pick you up at 7" I frowned "look good"

"Okay" she beamed "I'll see you later"

I walked towards my table and sat down with my best friends Harry, Steven, Timothy and all their girlfriends as well as their add-on friends

"What was that all about?" Tim asked

"I was just getting a date" I shrugged

"Niiiiice!" The boys cheered

I had to force out a laugh, and Steven placed a hand on my shoulder, shaking me playfully

"Congrats man, finally!"

"Thanks" I got out

I noticed Harry was sitting quietly, he wasn't even paying attention. He was looking to the left, a tiny smile on his lips

I looked to see what he was looking at, but my eyes found that Angel of a boy first. I almost melted where I sat

What I wouldn't do to talk to him once. Just once, that's all I want.

He was sitting with Louis and he was laughing so hard that his whole face was pink and his eyes were squinted while he gave a cute toothy smile

Louis just sat there looking smug, and began talking again which made Niall laugh even harder

"Zayn" Harry called this time


"You okay man, you zoned out over there" he stated

The guys all turned to look at where Harry was pointing

"He's just checking out Perrie!" Three people said at once

"Yeah, of course" I agreed "after all, I'm gonna get with her soon"

"Good luck" Harry offered me a smile

Maybe Harry just zoned out or something?




The movie sucked. Perrie was a typical girlfriend, shy and polite and wanted to hold my hand or cling on to my bicep.

The movie just sucked ass because I just chose something random seeing as I wasn't even going to watch anything.

On the upside Perrie and I did have a couple things in common and we did have a couple laughs on the way back

She currently sat behind me on my motorbike, staring out at the scenery. I glanced back at her, feeling awful

I don't even like her

I eventually pulled up outside her place. I made sure to hold her hand as she got off my motorcycle, her sneakers making a small thud against the concrete

"Thank you" she blushed as we bumped together

"You're welcome" I gave a single nod

I laced our hands and walked her to her doorstep, trying to gather my thoughts

"Thank you for tonight" her voice was quiet "it was nice, just us for a change"

"It was"

The movie may have sucked, but Perrie's a cool gal. Why else would I have decided on her? I wasn't going to pick some moody bitch that I'm just gonna get sick of in the space of a second

"My dad is going to be impressed" she stated "I've never been brought home on time"

"I don't want to get stuck in his bad book" I chuckled

"Really Zayn, thank you" she murmured "I've wanted to go on a date with you for quite a while"

"Yeah? Well that's good" I put my hands in my pockets "dream come true, huh?"


"You look nice" I said truthfully

"I'm not even dressed up" she said with a small laugh

"You still look nice" I shrugged "I like your earrings by the way"

One hand reached up to grasp the blue studs, and she blushed harder

"Do you... Want to come inside?" She offered

"Oh, no thank you" I said quickly "I uh... I should get home"

"Alright, goodnight Zayn"

"Night, Pez" I nodded

"Wait, Zayn" she said as I began to walk away "was tonight a date? Like a real date?"

"Of course"

"Awesome" she grinned

I walked back up the stairs. I pressed my lips to hers briefly, feeling goosebumps rise to her skin

When I pulled back her eyes were bright and she wore such a big smile

"I know this is pretty quick" I mumbled "but do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"More than anything" she agreed

"Alright I'll see you at school, babe" I smiled, glad I now had a girl to keep me on the down low

She unlocked her door and I got back on my bike, sighing... This was going to ruin my chances completely

Why was it so wrong to be gay in my school? Why couldn't I just like Niall and stay that way?

Oh right, because if I was open about it I'd get knocked flat in a second

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