Birth Of A Star

Time-Travel AU! Ginny Weasley has only ever seen the faces of those who took part in the Second Wizarding War in textbooks. Faced with the threat of the Enigma Rise, she is sent back in time to fix the past, leaving everything she knows behind. But now she wants everything she knows to be everything he knows. IMPORTANT: In this AU, Ron is the youngest of his family.

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2. First Impressions

The following morning she rose abruptly with water on her head. She peeled her eyes awake and stared up at the blonde girl who was holding a small now-empty bucket. A smug expression was drawn across her face as she tossed her golden locks backwards behind her shoulder, and she giggled. Ginny glared at the girl; she had never been the type of person to let somebody walk all over her, and she was most definitely not going to stop now.

"Oh look, funny you," she remarked. "You know how to fill up a bloody bucket, I bet your parents are very proud."

"Oh they would be if they knew that I messed with a filthy blood-traitor."

Ginny's tough exterior momentarily broke as confusion stepped in. Blood-traitor? She didn't understand, but she decided not to ask the blonde what she meant in case she was met with ridicule. She sat up, stretching slightly, and shuffled the the edge of the bed. She pulled a pair of socks over her feet. She was now face-to-face with the other girl, who she noticed had now backed away slightly as she had found herself to be a few inches shorter than she realised than the redhead.

"Never thought one of your kind would step one of your dirty feet inside of the Slytherin common room."

"And what would my kind be?" Ginny inquired, furrowing her brow.

"A pathetic Weasley."

And in that moment everything Ginny had known crumbled beneath her feet. Everything she had been told about her family and the Battle of Hogwarts had then, in the moment, disintegrated into a pile of ashes on the ground. She had been taught that the Weasleys had always been a very well-respected family, but they didn't let their blood status dictate their social interactions like other families did, and for that many of the Wizarding World enjoyed their company. Stories were passed down in her family of the bravery of the Weasley men and woman (as she had been told there was only one Weasley female in the war) during the Second Wizarding War, and how they helped to take down the Dark Lord himself. And suddenly she felt her importance falter, her candle of pride had been blown out. But, of course, she wasn't going to let that be known to the other girl.

"Don't flatter yourself, dear. I really couldn't care less what you think because at the end of the day, at least I'm not a petty bitch like you," Ginny whispered.

She shoved her way past the blonde and headed into the bathroom, where she was met with slight, not-so-discrete staring from the women inside. She didn't get the same cruel aura off of them as she had with her previous encounter, yet she didn't sense anything friendly about them either. She thought it best not to interact with them, she didn't want a repeat of earlier or any conflict between her and her house. She walked into the cubicle, towel in hand, and turned on the shower. She let the warm water rush over her body, washing away any negativity that may have been lingering on her body. Her hair was noticeably dirty. She reckoned this was due to her long journey yesterday, and she scrubbed at the scalp with the soap that resided on the shelf within the cubicle. Once her hair was sufficiently clean, she began to rinse her body of any soap. She turned to face the shower head and let the water race down her face. She changed the temperature to make the water a bit colder; she felt like the needed something cool on her face to help wake her up and shake off the nerves.

After fifteen minutes, Ginny re-emerged from the cubicle, a green towel wrapped around her body in an attempt to maintain her modesty around the strangers. She walked over to the sink, gave her teeth a brush, and began to walk back to her dorm. Thankfully, nobody was in there anymore, and she felt more relaxed. She sighed deeply and began to dry herself. She donned her new robes and uniform - she noticed that the colour of the gorgeous emerald green contrasted beautifully with the deep charcoal.

Ginny picked up her wand off of her bedside table and performed a spell which dried off her hair. Sam had been the one to teach her that spell after she had a freak out shortly before heading out on a date to Hogsmeade with Zach during her second year at school. There had been a brief period of time where Ginny and Zach had a mild infatuation with each other when they were thirteen years old. Looking back on it made Ginny cringe, partly due to how young they were, and partly due to how close they were four years on. The date had been wonderful however, she noted. Zach had been quite the charmer from day one. She remembered that they went to a restaurant that just opened selling French cuisine; Zach knew her very well, Ginny was obsessed with trying foreign food. Following the dinner that consisted of a lot of awkward small talk, they found themselves able to relax after stumbling upon a joke store. She proudly pointed out the Weasley name imprinted on the sign swinging outside the door. 'My ancestors set this shop up,' she told him.

Once inside they became speechless. The store was filled top to bottom with wonderful widgets, curious candies, and terrific tricks. Ginny came across a tin containing sweets that claimed to cause horrific acne on whoever ate one. She chuckled and thought about all the damage she could do with them, before placing them back on the shelf and skipping back towards her date, who was holding a stuffed animal. 'It's a pygmy puff,' he told her. 'Cute like you.' And so she left the store with a brand new pygmy puff stuffed toy, courtesy of Zach, and a beaming grin across her face. She planted a kiss on his cheek once outside, and when she pulled away, she felt herself being pulled back towards him gently. His hands cupped her freckled cheeks and their lips met briefly.

She smiled awkwardly. 'This doesn't feel right,' she said. He nodded in agreement. They both laughed and made their way back to the castle, where, once she told the story to her girlfriends, she was met with pillows flying at her face and disappointed yelling. She placed the pygmy puff on the bed covers and sat with Sam and Amber on the floor of the Gryffindor common room.

Ginny's heart ached slightly at the memories. She had only been in 1997 for less than a day, and she was already feeling to toll that being over one hundred years in the past was taking on her. She missed the familiarity. She missed her family, her friends, the teachers, the atmosphere. It was settling in, and it was far too real for her liking. She pushed her hair back out of her face, picked up her books and wand for her first class, Potions, and left the safety of her dormitory.

"Oh, look. Here comes the blood-traitor," a voice sniggered.

Ginny turned to the direction of the noise and saw the same blonde girl from before. "You know, I'd swear you were obsessed with me already with the way you're carrying on."

Ginny could have sworn she heard a scoff and 'as if', but she didn't care. She left the Slytherin common room and headed down the hall. The advantage of being down in the dungeons, she thought, is the fact that the Potions classroom is so close. It took her just under five minutes to walk from the entrance of the common room to the classroom door. She shoved open the heavy door and stumbled into the classroom. The room was only about half open and yet she still felt like the entire world was staring at her.

"Ah, Miss Weasley," Snape remarked. "I'm assigning you to seat number twenty-seven. I'm sure that is okay."

"Thank you, sir," she replied. She felt nervous when he spoke. His eyes seemed to stare right through her, as if she wasn't even there. And yet she could feel them burning on her pale skin. She could definitely tell he was an interesting character.

Ginny assumed her seat against the wall on the left hand side of the room. A couple of minutes later, she caught sight out of the corner of her eye of the same silver colour she had seen the previous evening in the great hall. But this time, the silver was more enhanced, and definitely in a larger quantity than before. She turned slightly to the right to see a slim boy, no more than a year older than her she assumed, with the beautiful platinum coloured hair she had been seeing.

"You're my partner?" he inquired.

Ginny nodded. "I'm assuming so. I'm Ginevra. You can call me Ginny if you'd like."

"Ginevra is fine. I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy."

He extended a hand and she took it. They shook three times before releasing.

"Ugh, how nauseating."

Ginny turned around the see the blonde from before staring down at her, quickly glancing at Draco every few moments. Ginny could see anger residing in her eyes and she sighed.

"What is it now?"

"I bet you had to beg to sit next to Draco, didn't you?"

"Actually, no. I don't even know him. One might say you're jealous?"

Before the blonde could talk, Draco piped up. "Maria's just jealous that even if she begged, she will never be able to get anybody, or anything while we're at it."

Ginny was glad she now finally had a name to go with the face. It was a pretty name, it was too bad that such a beautiful name didn't match such an ugly personality. She smirked at Maria, who remained speechless. For a brief moment, Ginny noticed a slight sadness seep into Maria's eyes, but it was quickly covered up again with her usual expression of smugness and hatred.

"Bloody hell, Malfoy. You're full of yourself as ever."

"Sure thing, Maria. Now if you don't mind, I'd rather not spend my time being seen speaking to you. Some people actually have standards," Draco smirked. He turned back around to his desk and glanced quickly at Ginny, locking eyes for only a brief moments before he turned his focus to the textbooks in front of him.

"Now class," Snape boomed from the top of the classroom. In one hand he held a cauldron containing numerous ingredients, and the Potions textbook. "Your task today, to warm everybody back up for the new academic year, is to produce a perfect Babbling Beverage."

Ginny grimaced. The Babbling Beverage was one potion that just was not her forte. Draco on the other hand looked absolutely chuffed as he got the equipment out from under their table.

"You ever made one of these before?" Ginny asked.

"I haven't," he replied. "But I know people who have."

"Is it easy?"

"Seemingly so. There was a big prank a couple years ago. People made a large batch of this potion and used it to talk over the loudspeakers in the castle. Boy, did that annoy Umbridge." He laughed slightly.

She recognised the name Umbridge. She wasn't sure whether it was through a textbook or through hearsay. Ginny only knew very limited information on her. She knew she had been the Hogwarts headmaster in 1995, and that she was a member of the Ministry, the same organisation that her family had been working in for years. One thing she'd heard that she didn't know whether it was reliable or not what that she was obsessed with the colour pink, and cats. What a strange woman, she thought.

"Nice," she chuckled.

After half an hour of brewing and chatting, Draco and Ginny had completed their potion. She glanced around the room, eyeing all the pupils in there who were struggling to complete the perfect Babbling Beverage. Some of the boys and girls had incredibly dirty faces, some of them had potions that were green instead of the baby blue colour intended, and some of the people were just not paying any attention.

Draco took out a flask and began to bottle their potion. Ginny had tried to help as much as she could, after all, she loved Potions. She scribbled down their initials on a sticky label and attached it to the side of the flask, once the potion was bottled.

"Professor," Draco said to alert to black-haired man. "Myself and Ginevra are finished. Where shall we leave our potion?"

"In the basket in the back of the room, Mr Malfoy. Thank you."

Draco nodded and stood up. Maria turned to face Ginny from the other side of the classroom. She assumed if looks could kill, she would probably have been dead by then. Draco, a few moments later, re-assumed his position at their table and turned to face Ginny.

"Where are you from?" he asked.

"I'm from Ottery St Catchpole," she replied.

"And how come you're only joining us now?"

She panicked for a split second. She couldn't remember if she had a plan, and if she did, what it was. "I was attending Beauxbatons."


That word marked the end of their brief conversation as Snape dismissed the class. Ginny gathered her belongings and walked out of the classroom. As far as she knew, she had a free period for the following hour. She breathed a sigh of relief. A free period was exactly what she needed. She hadn't been there a day and already she felt like she was messing it all up.

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