A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


26. The Pitt


   Just a reminder: sometimes I add to previous chapters, like now. Before you continue reading anymore of my chapters, just remember to check the previous chapter to make sure I didn't add anything.

     As the two terrified prisoners were dragged away, Pitch approached my cell. 

 "May I come in?" He asked. I nodded mutely.  "Ugh, I've forgotten how disgusting these cells are." He sat down after a nice, long and leisurely stretch.

  "What do you want?" I snarled. Pitch yawned.

  "Just though you might want to see what happens in the pitt before you visit." He got up, and walked back to the gate. He turned back to me, flicking his tail. "Come on, then." I sighed, and followed him without a sound.

    Pitch led me out of my cell, to the right towards the cliff, and through the crack in the wall. We were walking for at least a minute when I started to smell a vile stench. It smelled like month old garbage, like rotting meat, like death. When the smell reached its peak, we were beside a small room. 

    "Oh, thats the rotting room," said Pitch in a bored tone. "That's were we put the old food, decaying stuff and corpses, stuff like that." I nearly gagged when I peaked inside. I wondered if the bone I had gnawed earlier had come from one of the corpses.

    We walked for along solid minute before we finally came to the pitt.

    The Pitt was pretty large. It was shaped sort of like a cone, but the top was cut off. The bottom was flat and slightly oval-ish. It's walls were about 6 feet tall and perfectly smooth; these too had been crafted by the dwarves. Over the walls was a ring of flat ground, and above that was another. It was a stadium.

    On the far side on the top ring of seating was a series of cages, all made of iron. The two wolves that had been kidnapped were in two of the cages.

    All of a sudden, wolves started flooding through the crack and filling the seats. Pitch took me up to the top row.

   "Hey, gamblers only, scruffy!" Growled a big silver wolf beside my. Then he saw Pitch and he cowered. "Sorry, sir, I mean, er- if you are a guest of his lordship, welcome to the gambling row." The wolf turned away from us and stared at his paws. Pitch laughed.

    "Oh, Quartz, its quite all right! In fact, I'll make a gamble with you right now!" Said Pitch in a cheery voice. Quartz perked up and shook a shaggy leather bag off his neck. He dumped it out, and several nuggets of silver spilled out of the bag, tinkling on the stone. Pitch's beam grew wider. 

     "I'll bet you five diamonds that you mouthing off to me will cost you more than silver." His eyes narrowed and his mouth turned into a smirk. Quartz's eyes widened in horror as two guards came forward and seized him by the scruff, dragging him away as he screamed. Pitch scooped up the silver and placed them in a leather bag around his own neck, humming happily.   "Oh, look, its about to start!" He said happily. I turned to look at the stadium.

     The two prisoners had been tossed into the center of the stadium, and two guards placed a screen of iron over the top of the center stadium. Only the prisoners remained inside. 

    "Welcome!" Pitch suddenly called, and all eyes turned to him. "Welcome to the Pitt!!!" All the wolves started hitting their paws against the floor again, and Pitch held up his paw for silence. "It is time to place the bets!!"  Pitch skipped down to the iron cage and pointed to the scrawnier of the wolves. "Any bets on this one?" One or two of the gamblers raised their paws. Most of the gamblers bet on the other one. "OK... let the fight begin."

     And the two prisoners stared at each other in terror, and slowly they bared their teeth.




                                       They were fighting to the death.

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