A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


15. The Explanation

      I couldn't believe it when I awoke the next day. I had no idea if I was insane or not. I decided I needed to tell my friends before I went back to the forest.

       "Lupin!" snapped Professor Longbottom as I wrote in my pocket notebook, neglecting the venomous tentacula creeping towards the roof of the greenhouse. "Pay attention to your plant, you can take notes later!" I sighed and turned back to my plant. I had only written 11 words anyway, but they were enough: Meet me in the room of requirement during history of magic. I crumpled the note into a ball and tossed it to Newt, but missed and his tentacula grabbed it eagerly, trying to smash it down it's throat. Professor Longbottom jogged over to Newton's choking plant and summoned the note out of the Tentacula's mouth. His eyes scanned the paper, and he turned to me, a question in his eyes. He thrust the note back into Newts hands and said loudly, "Lupin. Stay after class, I need to talk to you."

      "Ooooooooh!" Said Sky, unaware of my situation. I stuck my tongue out at her.


     After several more torturous minutes and many slaps from my tentacula, Professor Longbottom announced that class was dismissed. I made to escape before he noticed me, but he was way ahead of me. "Lupin." He said. "You better stay here boy. You aren't in trouble." I sighed and walked over to his desk, raising my eyebrows. "I know you go in the room of requirement, as do I, but I must ask you not to skiff off your lesson to go there. If you are caught you will be given a weeks worth of detentions from Professor McGonagal." 

     "Then give me a note!" I said instantly. "C'mon, for old times sake. Who needs history of magic anyway?" I whined. Neville laughed. 

    "Alright then. But just this once! And shall I write one for Newton ,too? And I'm assuming Skylar will be coming as well?" I smiled and he handed me our notes, and I scurried off to Potions, wondering what the heck I was going to say to my friends.

    History of Magic seemed to come too quickly. I had thought of what to say that whole time, even made a couple notes (C'mon I'm a Ravenclaw. Cut me some slack.), but I couldn't think of a way to explain that I had gone crazy. Nevertheless, when Professor Binns dismissed class I zipped out the door and spirited straight to the room of requirement, not stopping at all. When I reached the room of requirement, it opened to a small cozy room with bookshelves lining the walls all about wolf culture, and a flickering fire in the corner. The floors were red carpet, with squashy armchairs in front of the fire, and a large black chalkboard sat on the far wall. Perfect!  I thought, running over to the chalkboard and scribbling a map of the forbidden forest on it.

       "Ted!" shouted Sky, barging into the room. "Are about to tell us why you were so late last night? The Ravenclaw Door Knocker told me you weren't back until 4 in the morning!" She flung herself onto one of the armchairs while Newt walked in and took his seat as well. 

    "Ok, ok, chill out. Yes I am going to tell you. All I ask is that you save your questions till the end." Newt laughed and kicked back in his armchair. Sky crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently. 

     It took me about a half hour to explain everything that had happened the previous night. As I suspected, they both had the hardest time believing the section about the white wolf. "We can meet him tonight, if he wants to come out!" I had shouted over their loud disbelief. "But do you really think I would make all that up?"

     "Of course not Ted!" said Newt, looking hurt.

    "But we can rule out hallucinations. You have been off your rocker for ages." Sky laughed. I smiled streaching my arms and kicking back in the remaining armchair.  "WOW! Ted, when did you get that tattoo!!!" Sky exclaimed, her eyebrows raising. "I though your mum was against that stuff!" She was pointing at my ankle, where my pants  had ripped during my struggle with Neville's venomous tentacula. Whipping my head around, I stared. On my ankle, in shimmering silver ink, a paw print with blue flickering flames inside was branded on my skin. The flames seemed to be actually moving, licking at the paw's shining toes.

      "I didn't get that!" I said franticly, poking at it and scrubbing it with my sleeve, but it wouldn't come off.

     "Ted, I think its time you take us to this forest." Said Newt, polishing his glasses on his shirt. "I think its time for some explanations from this 'White Wolf' guy."


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