A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


23. Bitten




     We had gotten on Luna's case emmidatly. I still didn't tell my dad. I don't know why I didn't, it just didn't feel right. I knew that Mrs.Scamander was definitely in trouble, but I felt almost like her fear hadn't been genuine. 

     Newt, Sky and I had split up in search for Dash. None of us found him. I guessed my only hope of finding him was next quid ditch practice. In the meantime, Sky and I decided to go back to my cave in hopes of recruiting some other wolves for my pack. Newt couldn't come, her insisted for studying for our charms review. I though he probably wanted to give us some privacy. Besides, it was full moon anyway, so I had to morph either way.

     We left right after dinner, our paw steps seemingly loud in the silence of the snowy forest. Soft, fluffy snowflakes fell gently upon the ground, pilling up in majestic heaps, and coating the forest  I had known. It took us slightly longer to reach our cave than usual because of the snow, but we got there after about a half hour. After securing the boundary in human form, we made it back to wolf form just in time for my surprise.

     I had lied when I told Sky we were going to look for more members of my pack. I had actually already made contact with 3 other wolves in the forest that wanted to join as soon as the cave was ready. I had brought Sky to the cave for a midnight picnic. I had, of course, made it out of wolf/fox food, since I couldn't morph into human form now that the moon was out. We enjoyed several squirrels and even some delectable Salmon from the stream (I had traded a rabbit for them with the local bear). After our picnic, we sat on top of the waterfall and watched the stars. And right when I though everything was perfect, everything went downhill. 

     "Hold my hand, Teddy Remus Lupin." Sky said, batting her eyelashes. I smiled, and morphed to my finger-ish form.

               That was a mistake. I blacked out, and my wolf form took over.


    After an hour of rooming the woods at dawn, I finally found my way back to hogwarts grounds. A wave of panic had been frying my brains. Where is Sky?? I had asked myself. Did I bite her? Did she get away? And that was all I though of until I had ran back to Ravenclaw tower.

     Sky was missing. As was Newt.

    All the raven claws in the common room were staring at me, and I became aware of how wild I looked, with my hair full of burs and mud on my face. I backed slowly out of the room and ran down the corridor, buffering students out of my way.

   They had to be here somewhere.

   But I was wrong. They weren't in the great hall, the courtyard, hogsmeade, or even the library. I wasn't until I checked my final stop when I found them.

     In the hospital wing.

    When Newton saw me, his face grew red. He stood up from the chair he had been sitting on. The chair next to my girlfriend's bed.


    She was in mangles. Her left leg was covered in scratches and gashes. Her head was bandaged. And on her right forearm, there was a bite. A werewolf bite.

       Newton's fist flashed before me, and I was on the ground. He was yelling, his face red. I didn't even feel the pain on my face. His fist didn't hurt me nearly as much as his words did.

     "MONSTER!" He screeched, spit flying from his mouth. "YOU TURNED HER INTO A MONSTER, JUST LIKE YOU! CARELESS, THATS WHAT YOU WERE! SHE FELL OFF THE WATERFALL AFTER YOU BIT HER!! BUT NO, LEFT HER FOR DEAD, DIDNT YOU? AND IF I HADNT BEEN SPYING THROUGH THE TREES, SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN!" I winced, closing my eyes, shielding myself from the horror before my eyes. "GET OUT OF HERE! MONSTER!" So I turned, running to the woods, never looking back.

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