A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


27. A Gamble


I had been in my cell for a long time. I sat there, knowing that one of these long, long days it would be me who was dragged out into the pitt. I was sure my father was looking for me, but I knew there was no hope of him finding me with Pitch in possession of my earring. He would have added protective enchantments. 

    I had never realized how big Pitch's empire was until I had been imprisoned. The main population was wolves. They were everywhere; guards, gamblers, and gatekeepers. Some of Pitch's kingdom consisted of other forest thugs; foxes, mountain lions, cougars. One time I even saw a porcupine.  

    The gatekeeper than stood outside of my cell had long since told me Pitch's history. 

    "Pitch has- had a brother. I believe you knew him; The White Wolf?" He had told me, as he slipped an extra bone under my cell door. "They were twins. Both were animaguses, but The White Wolf placed an Enchantment on Pitch so he was stuck in wolf form. Though, now that he has the earring of yours, I'm sure he can transform now. He stayed young by using the Altar in the forest guardian's clearing. Pitch himself kidnapped all these dwarves, enslaving them. Anyone who join's Pitch's pack can't leave; I was born here. I have zero chance of escaping. I chose a job as a gate keep in hopes of helping some of the prisoners. Cant do much, though."

     My body had reacted terribly to the sudden change in meals. I was used to 3 five-star meals a day. Now I got one bone, maybe two (courtesy of gatekeeper) a day, each with barely any rotten meat on it. I didn't dare change to human form; wolves were made to withstand starvation better. Plus, it was cold in my cell.

     My gatekeeper had also told me what Pitch had done in order to kidnap me. My letter to Luna had been intercepted by one of Pitch's trained falcons. Luna was currently safe at home, and unharmed as well. The apperatain I had seen in the fire was merely dark magic. The part about Dash wasn't fake though; memory charms and an impostor had masked Dash's disappearance, and the imperious curse had done the rest. He had even heard that Dash was here now, still under the imperious curse, working as a guard closer to Pitch's residence. 

    The walls of my cell had been scratched to the limit. My claws were red and bleeding from desperate measures. I didn't think I could handle killing someone in a pitt for some kind of sick entertainment. I didn't want to die, either. I understood now why the torch was caged in; they wouldt want to lose any potential victims to throw in the pitt. There was many bloody spots on the walls of my cell: prisoners attempting to resist being taken to the Pitt. 


  It had been a month when the Pitt-collectors came for me.


       I howled, and attempted to fight when they forced their way through my gate. But alas, my weak body could not handle trying to fight. I was out of energy before I could seriously injure them, and my body yielded to their needs. For some reason, the guards took me away before selecting the other victim.  Their reason was unmasked, however, when we arrived at a large wooden door. The guard on my right nodded and opened the door. It creaked as it opened, and it was so heavy several dwarves were on the other side, helping to open and close it. 

   "Ah, yes. My visitor. Set him down please." Said a man's voice. The guards nodded and set me upon the ground and exited, the dwarves pulling the door shut with a loud boom. I shivered. 

     The room was nothing like the rest of the underground empire. The walls were insulated with a dark brown wood, the same on the floor, except for the large portion covered in a red shag carpet.  Candles hovered near the ceiling. A large red leather recliner sat at the far end of the room, presumably with the man in it. The chair spun.

     "I see my prison program has taken affect on you, son. You look weak." He spat out the words like they were compliments. I snarled. I knew that voice; Pitch was in human form.

     Pitch was tall, but not as tall as me in my human form. He was wearing a black suit, and his teeth, though still yellow, had a couple that were gold. 

     " I had forgotten how much I missed being human," he growled. "Come on out of there, and transform into human form so we can talk. You can have some food." He unlocked my cage and held up a plate of turkey. I reluctantly morphed and snatched the plate out of his hands, practically inhaling it, I ate is so fast. I metamorphasized back to my regular look; my hair had been lank and black. My muscles thickened back up again, hair back to perfect and back to being tall and handsome. It felt like I had showered, and I realized that my metamorphasizing was more powerful than I thought; all the dirt and burrs had simply fallen off my skin, fluttering to the ground. 

       "What an interesting talent." Said Pitch, observing me like an animal in a zoo. I suddenly felt very aware of the wand that was holstered to my leg underneath my pants. I knew that my wand was no match for Pitch's numbers, but I still felt more comfortable with it on me.

    "What do you want Pitch. Just get to the point." I said, after licking the plate clean. I grabbed a cup of water from him before he started speaking.

    "All right. You're a clever dude. I wanted to offer you a deal," He paused, studying his fingers. "Either you join my empire and be eternally powerful. Or... go to the pit." I shook my head, almost laughing.

    "The Pitt for sure." He growled, and his guards burst through the door and shoved me back into the cage. I morphed, and Pitch did too. 

  "Trust me, boy. I am going to make your experience here worse than anything I have ever done." His eyes gleamed with malice and the guards took me away.

     "Good look surviving this one."

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