Who Shot Justin Bieber?

The third single from my forthcoming album RESET




Who Shot Justin Bieber? is one of the oldest songs on the RESET album. It's also the first time in a while that I've used my chorus as an intro. The first chorus is sung much slower than the actual chorus, with dismembered guitar riffs between. The choruses after the first verse and sung faster with less breaks and a thicker musical texture. You obviously can't see that when you just read the lyrics, so I wanted to tell you.

Why the title, you might ask? I've openly disliked Bieber for a while. I'd never shoot him, of course, but I don't like him. Really, the title is for shock factor. Hopefully people will see it and curiosity will get the better of them. It's the same reason Hail Satan opens up RESET. Hopefully people will be pulled in and won't let go.


DISCLAIMER: In the event of a sudden Justin Bieber assassination I would like people to know this song was written months ago. I have proof.


All lyrics by Sam H-B

Cover art by @Infinite_Exho

Cover concept by Sam H-B/@Infinite_Exho

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