Who Shot Justin Bieber?

The third single from my forthcoming album RESET


1. Who Shot Justin Bieber?


Whoever shot Justin Bieber is a national hero

Count all the good he did you know it comes to zero

We know his soul ain’t going up to heaven

But mortals down on Earth let’s turn the metal to eleven


[Verse 1]

We got him in his tinted limousine

Shaded the wrong way or he could have seen

Was such a nice car yeah it’s such a shame

Guess we can’t help it that devil blood stains




[Verse 2]

We got him stood up on the concert stage

The music system wanted metal rage

There’ll be another come to take his place

But we’re ready with our gunmen to preserve this race




[Alt. Chorus]

Whoever shot Justin Bieber needs an MBE

Serving his country when Biebs came overseas

He got a guitar shock and now he’s gone

And in the name of rock ‘n’ roll we’re playing on and on


[Chorus x2]

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