Broken~Luke Hemmings

Luke&Bryanna have been best friends since sixth grade, but as they get older they find the smallest things get in the way of their friendship and make them bicker and fall out. One night Bryanna decides to admit her love to Luke, he lashes out at her saying she's stupid and idiotic. Everyone tells her he hates her but does he or is growing up just too much to handle...?


1. Prologue

"I'm really gonna miss you Lukey!" I say, more loudly than I think I should have. A single tear slips out of Luke's eye, I hug him tightly and start to cry myself.

Me and Luke have been friends since grade three but only best friends from grade six. Today is the day I have been waiting for since I was very little. I got accepted into my dream dance school and I am so excited and happy although it means leaving behind Luke and my old life.

"Don't forget me after all these years Bry bear! I'm really gonna miss you." Now is the time when I really start to cry, Luke hasn't used Bry Bear as a nickname for me since we were 8 and now we are 17 so it's overwhelming to hear it again. He notices me getting overwhelmed and apologises thinking I was upset because of him, which I wasn't. I did try to tell him that but he wasn't convinced.

'Flight 7764 to Gatwick you are welcome to start boarding, please leave room for V.I.P ticket holders. Your gate number is gate number 3. Enjoy your flight!'

Me and Luke both start to cry. We hug one last time before I grab my hand luggage and say our goodbyes. Shortly after I was on the plane on the way to for fill my dream...

Sorry if this was short and rubbish but I'm really tired as I was only a late flight home from a family vacation last night as the plane kept getting delayed but writing this gave me time to not think about being on a plane and what not!

I'm really sorry but I have decided to write this story from now on and if you don't enjoy this I will start to edit Youtube friends!

The chapters will get longer but this is just a starter place to start off the story.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this story then feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will try my best to read them all and choose ones I like. I will give full credit for the ideas at the bottom of each chapter/part.

Thanks for reading broken!!

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