Ruined Lipstick

'I always thought this shit was for sluts. That's until I knew what ruined lipstick felt like.' Alenya Meers had been broken many times. And "It Fucking Sucks". Until bad-girl bitch, Melanie, gives her some advice she thought she'd never need...ever


1. lil miss perfect

Since 3rd Grade, I have hated that backstabbing slut. She kissed my crush behind the curtains and left me ruined.

Now, in year 12, that nasty bitch came crawlin' back, ha, and with ruined Mascara.

'James broke up with me' she murmurs.

'James...James ruined your mascara? What was he kissing to high up ya face, bitch please! piss off' I try my best to get her the hell outta here. She frowns at me, hoping I still have sympathy for her.

'Please Alenya! please!'she cries hysterically.

'No Bitch'. She sighs and runs off.

Two hours later- Last Period-Maths-Rockwood High.

As I sit down, James slams his folder next to mine.

' The eff you doing here, Jerk'

'Is it a crime to sit next to the opposite gender?'

'No, but it's a crap choice. Especially next to me, asshole'

'Jerk...Asshole? What next'

'Dickhead, manslut, Captain douche, I could go on...'

'Fine, Dolly' he teases.

'Madame, Be Quiet during my class! Detention, you too, James!'

'I'll talk to you later' James winks. I almost barf in my mouth. Eww nah.


'God damn, I need to pee!' Mr Broins yelps.

'Go sir' I offer 'You can trust me'.

He quickly flees the classroom and I giggle.

'Alenya! Here!'

'What is it now James?' I abandon my desk and put Jessica on teacher alert duty.

' I want Melanie back'

I stare at him.

'I made a fucking mistake'

I blink, twice.

'I got a plan' I smirk.

It's time to get revenge on lil miss perfect.

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