Boss's Toy


1. Chapter I

Emilia Stone , a well educated girl , from a modest and respectful family was looking for a job after she has graduated from college with a bachelor degree of Banking and Finance . She kept looking for jobs and Giving her CV to every company near her . Unfortunately , No company has accepted her , because they have over the amount required of staff . The next morning , she searched on the internet about companies who wants to hire employees . Luckily, she found a company that is located 55 km from Hampshirville where she lives . the company was the closest one to her home . Anyway , she applied for the job via Internet .

Two weeks passes by , and she still hasn't got a response from the company . After she came home , Emilia called the company . The receptionist puts her on hold. Emilia waited for 10 minutes , as she was hanging up her phone , a voice comes out of the speaker . it was Jim , the CEO of the most successful company in the Wine making industry . She puts her phone near her ear and says : Hey Sir ( with a really sweet low voice)

She talked to him for hours and hours . In conclusion , she won an appointment to meet Jim after 2 days from the call at Lunch in a nice restaurant near the company .

Emilia packs her bags and heads off to the Airport .🛫

After 18 hours of flying in the air , Sitting in the economic class (not judging) and having a really annoying man that keeps snoring while he's asleep on her left , and a creepy kid that keeps poking and chewing my hair , on my left . The plane landed safely , Emilia rushed to get out of that freaking plane . She got her bags , drove a taxi to the nearest hotel from the company .

She took a shower , the soap running down , between her boobs , down to her very bubbly ass . She took a nap after that for about 5 hours . ( she slept without her clothe , it was very hot that night)

Emilia woke up after that 5 hours sleep , puts her party dress on and went clubbing . She was wearing this sexy short red dress , showing her cleavage.

Mrs. Sexy Short Red , enters the night club and sits at the bar .

OMG , Who is there too? Jim , the ladies man , divorced . He has a strategy of going the club to hit on woman and have sex with them at the end of the night .

What a small world !! He got his eyes on who? Our Sexy Emilia  . He was sitting facing her . And his buddy next to him . ( Emilia and Jim don't know each other in person)

Jim's Buddy challenged him to get Emilia's number . She was acting she is above all while she was sitting and not paying attention to any guy that was trying to hit on her. Of course , Jim accepts the challenge .

Jim was smart when it comes to women , he would try everything to grab the attention . Anyway , He gets up and heads to Emilia , tries to hit on her , asking her questions : Hey beautiful , you caught my eyes , is your mom a Victoria secret angel ? ( Jim says and the drunk symptoms are very obvious )

Emilia ignores him . She waves to the bartender and asks for some shots .

Jim didn't give up easily . He tries again talking to her p, but no response from her .

Jim gets back to his chair , he had enough from her : Dude , who the hell does she thinks is ?? Says to his buddy . ( a smirk on the face of his buddy)

He gets up and heads to the dance floor and starts dancing with a bunch of girls to the beats of the music . Booze and Dirty dancing for two hours .the way he moves his body like a stripper .

Jim gets back to the bar , stands next to Emilia , orders Scotch for the fourth time . The scotch is ready , but he stays standing next to her trying to talk to her . But No response from Emilia , she keeps ignoring him and not answering him .

Until , the most hateful thing that girl don't which happening to her while wearing a colorful dress especially a red one , Jim intentionally spills some scotch on Emilia. Drops of whiskey drips on her body , between the boobs down the way , leaving a big circular spot on her dress . It seemed that Emilia pissed herself .

She got so angry , he face turns red , and this vein comes out of her forehead .

Emilia spills all her anger on Jim : You stupid , look what you did ? Do you know how much this dress cost me ? You ignorant jerk , go fuck somewhere else .

On the other hand , Jim stands silent for a moment . As she was leaving , he laughs so hard .

Emilia got mad even more , she pulls her hand and slap him on the face . Damn she is strong . She says : Like it ? I am Emilia and i am way out of your league .

" I am Jim , little princess " he responses. And his hand on his face after that slap .

Emilia returns to home after a jerk ruined her night . She changes her clothe , Sleeps in her panties only and says in her head : Tomorrow is big day , focus on that .

She turns off the lights and sleeps .

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