He was never mine to keep.


2. Myself.







No, it was not.

I am pretty sure it was not love at the first sight.


How do I know? Well, I was there. I can guess your reaction. It would be like this-

Duh!!! It's your love story, you were supposed to be there.


But, that's the point. I was  there, but it is not my love story.

Confused. I'll explain.

This story is about a Guy called Ash who falls in love with ................ 

I'll give you a hint.

He did not fall in love with a girl.

He fell in love with a boy.

I personally don't find any harm, if a guy falls in love with a guy. I mean it's not wrong. You should totally follow your heart and if your heart flutters at the sight of another person. No matter what sex.  You should go and you should grab that person hard and kiss them fully on the lips. 

Yep, that what I would have done if I had fallen in love but unfortunately I am still single. I think of myself incapable of love as I get no feelings that would excite me down under when I see someone.


Sorry.... Back to the story. Where was I?

Yes, He fell in love with a boy.

That was his greatest mistake.

Or so people think. I repeat that's what people think and not I. Why?

Simple. Because I am not a person and neither am I animal. Then What am I?


Here's a fact

I am not violent.

I am actually a very loving person despite of what I said earlier. People don't like me very much. I don't know why? They never tell me but they curse me all the time. You know what they say. I'll tell you-

'' He is merciless. Oh god! Help us. Change our Fate."

I don't know why they say this because god only sent me and I of course cannot change on my on. I am like a rather stubborn child.

Well, why, you guessed it I am fate. 

I saw Ash and Ethan together on four occasion. All different from each other.  

First when I met them the color I remembered was blue. It was a rather ugly blue.

How I met Ash and Ethan I'll tell you. 

That day the world was oddly blue. A different sky blue.

I was there with my very good friend Miracle. We were there together roaming around the office. Miracle as being the troublesome and energetic friend couldn't go on any longer unless she did something mischievous and while she was doing that. I was unconsciously looking at a job vacant ad, which had it interviews today. Miracle saw me looking at the ad and started screaming that broke me from my trance.

" I am so adding a miracle to this interview. Come on, Come on, Come on." and she half dragged or most apt made me half float as we went through the walls into the waiting room.

It was there that I first saw Ash.

His green eyes captivated me. His aura shining more than others. Even through Miracle left me I studied him. Curiosity getting the best of me and I stayed there studying the Brown haired gangly kid with a blue ugly wallpaper for the background. I stayed there as long as my schedule allowed me. This serene silence was soon broken when a another boy entered the room. Being the rivals as they were at that time, both of them gave each other glares. It interested me the most. 

But, my dear friend did left her magic behind, for a job of one both of them were selected.

And as I left the place the last thing I saw and remembered was that 2 boys. Both enemies. Entered a door.

To what I would like to think was a new beginning.

I sincerely hoped that I could see them again. But in what circumstance?

Even I didn't know.

But I would like to think that it was fated that they met.  Do pay attention to the next line as I do love the sound of my name.

It was fate that brought me there and only Fate could decide what would happen next.

I do pride myself on my judging capabilities.










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