It's all my fault (Ashton Irwin)

It's all my fault. It's all my fault that my mom died when I was nine. It's all my fault that my dad abuses me. It's my fault that nobody like me at school. It's my fault everyone wants me dead. The only good thing that I have in my life is my brother Sam. Or so I thought was the only good thing. Hi. My name is Jay and I'm going to tell you why it's all my fault.


17. Sleepless nights and apologies

Jay's POV:

I flutter my eyes open remembering where I am. Ashton's house. As my body slowly wakes up I remember all the things from last night. I almost cry, which I never do unless its from my beatings. I suddenly feel a body move the other way and I realize that its Ashton . I check my phone and it's 2 am.

 Well Jay your wide away now so you should make run for it. I think to myselfI love being at Ashton's house. I feel safer but I have to get home in case Sam is still away and the police are still at my house. I look over and Ashton is sleeping like a kitten. He's so cute why do I keep falling for him when I know I can't? I try being quiet when I move to get up and get my shoes on. I find a piece of paper and a pen so I wrote Ashton a note saying, Ashton, thank you for a great time last night. I have to go home to check on Sam and the house. It's 2 am but I didn't want to wake you up so I'm walking home. Thanks again xx Jay

I left that on the coffee table and quietly walked out of his house. Its pretty dark but luckily their are street lights. As soon as I see my house I also see a police car sitting in the drive way. And all of the lights are on. I rush in the house and and see Sam with a paper in front of him. As soon as he sees me he runs up to me and says, "Jay what are you doing here? It's 2 am I thought you were at Ashtons. What did he do I will hurt him." I look at him and say, "Sam I'm OK I am. I just woke up and I thought I should come home to be with you. I'll explain the rest when its not 2 am and cops aren't here. And no, Ashton didn't hurt me." He looked at me with a worried look and I re assured him I'm fine. 

*skip to later that morning*

Once again, I fluttered my eyes open and I was in my own bed. I checked my phone and it was 10 am. Then I received a message from Ashton *the convo starts here* 

A- hey xx I got your note. Are you OK? Did I do something wrong last night? xx

J- Yes, I'm fine and no you didn't do anything wrong. Can I talk to you tomorrow? I'm bust with Sam today. I'm sorry for leaving xx 

A- It's ok xx I understand

J- Thx xx

*convo ends*


*Next chapter will about Jay and Sam xx love you all <3 :)



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