It's all my fault (Ashton Irwin)

It's all my fault. It's all my fault that my mom died when I was nine. It's all my fault that my dad abuses me. It's my fault that nobody like me at school. It's my fault everyone wants me dead. The only good thing that I have in my life is my brother Sam. Or so I thought was the only good thing. Hi. My name is Jay and I'm going to tell you why it's all my fault.


15. Cop car

Jay's POV:

*Same night as the last chapter xx*


Later on that night I heard a strange noise from outside. It sounded like the cops. And it was. What the fuck are they doing here? Then I remembered that Sam said the next time my dad touches me he would call the cops. So there they were. I quickly ran downstairs to find Sam talking to the cops. "Sam what the hell are you doing?" I ask "Jay, I had too. He has gotten away with a lot of shit these past seven years and I can't stand to see you get hurt anymore." he said with tears in his eyes pulling me into a hug. I hugged him tight. "Sam is there anything else that your father, Bryan has done to both of you?" one cop asked "He child abuses Jay, he drinks, does drugs, and smokes." Sam says with a serious voice. The cop wrote everything down. Then the cop asked me what my dad did to me and I told him everything and showed him my scars and bruises. He looked like he felt sorry for me which I don't like. Soon enough my dad came out from his room yelling, "Sam, Jay what the hell is going on here?!" he looked at me, then Sam, then the cops. "Bryan, your under arrest for child abuse top your daughter, and for doing drugs." the cop said and another cop went towards my dad with hand cuffs. My dad looked scared as fuck. Me and Sam looked at each other then at my dad. They took my dad to the cop that was talking to us. They talked for a little bit when Sam said, "Jay just call Ashton and see if you can spend the night. I know you want to and you shouldn't be here for this." "Are you sure Sam, I could stay and talk to them too." I asked "It's ok Jay. But thank you. and no funny business at Ashton's got it?" he said but laughed a little at the same time. I nodded and went up to my room to call Ashton. I was crying and by the third ring he picked up. "Jay what's wrong?" he said right away "I really don't wan to be rude or ask you but can you please pick me up? I'll explain everything." I said crying into the phone. "I'm on my way don't worry Jay." he said and hung up. 

Minuets later Ashton was at my window and I let him. "Hey Jay what's going on?" he said and he pulled me into a quick hug as I was crying. "a little while after you dropped me off the cops showed up because Sam had called. He said that if my dad ever touched me again he would call the cops so he did. And so he did." I say. "Oh Jay I'm so sorry." he said. "Don't be sorry it's not your fault." I said and I heard yelling so me and Ashton went downstairs. We saw my dad being walk out to the cop car. He took one look at Sam then at me. Not saying anything he was shoved in a cop car. I kept my eyes on the car as it drove away.

*The next chapter will be about Ashton's house xx :)

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