san francisco: sequel to invisible

"You will meet someone one day and you're going to fall in love with them for their eyes, just like I did and just like your father did."

"You're going to fall in love with the bright blue eyes similar to those of the man you'll always love the most. Your father. You'll fall in love with someone's eyes who are so much brighter than yours and you're going to find all the hope in the the world in their eyes...That's how I found Luke. His eyes were always so much brighter than my green ones and in them I saw hope."

All I know is that I can never keep my eyes out of hers. I'm always getting lost in them as she tells me about who she is and what she loves doing. It seems that her blue eyes are always so bright, as bright as her smile.


6. who you love // john mayer

"Yeah, I found the box in the dresser. Do you want me to send it to you?" I ask my dad over facetime.
"Yeah. I completely forgot it was there. Did you look through everything in it?" He asks. I nod.
"I did. There were a lot of cute things and pictures. Like the one he took of you on the way home before I was born." I laugh. He rolls his eyes, laughing.
"I told him to get rid of that one! But then he writes something cute on the back so I let him keep it." He laughs more. I lean over to look at the phone and I smile. I was currently putting the clothes back in the dresser and putting mine in it as well. I decided to paint the room a bright green, Michael's favorite color, and I rearranged the room. The only updates I made were the paint and the area rug even if the room is carpeted. "Is that his necklace?" He asks, curiously.
"This one?" I ask, holding up the one that had fallen out of my envelope. He nods. "I guess, yeah. I know I saw one that looked similar hanging up in your room one time."
"Yeah, the day I first found him, it was on his 18th birthday and that was his birthday present." He pauses. "I thought it went missing." He sighs, partially from frustration and partially from relief. I shake my head.
"It was in the letter he wrote me."
"Shit, I forgot about that, Madi. I'm sorry you had to read it. I was afraid it'd make you feel even more sad because his to me did that to me too." He rubs his hands over his face.
"It made me cry, but it was so beautiful and I'm just happy I got to read it." My dad huffs, giving me a weak smile.
"You are so strong, Madi. I wish he could see how strong you are. I mean, you cleaned up the room by yourself. I would have never been able to do that." He smiles again at me. I smile back at him.
"Thanks, Dad. And I've decided to keep the clothes that were left here of your guys' so I have a little bit of home here. Even though this was our home once. I'm making this my bedroom. I am never selling this house. I have too much of a connection with it." I smile, shutting the last drawer that I had put clothes away in. "I'm going to go soon because I need to go send the things you asked me to send. I have them in a box already. Do you want me to send any family photos?" I ask. He shakes his head.
"No, you keep them." He smiles. "I'll talk to you soon, Madison."
"Alright. I love you." I smile back at him, waving.
"I love you too." He grins and then hangs up facetime. I get up off the floor, sitting on the bed and I just take a look around the room. The letter he wrote to me was taped up on the wall next to the bed. I smile at it and the few pictures from the box that Dad had let me keep. I sigh, laying down. My head hits the pillow and I could immediately tell that it was Michael's pillow. Both of my fathers have a distinct smell to them. Dad's was always some sort of spice and Michael's was always a sweet smell. I take in the smell of his cologne on the pillow and I practically hug it. I wish he was still here.

"Alex, I'm not sure. I just got here two weeks ago. I'm not going on vacation." I sigh. I'm facetiming Alex (who is currently ditching school so he has an extra day to study for a test) while cooking dinner.
"Come on, Madi. You could meet almost anyone. Trust me, I think you just need to get away for at least a week. You need a worry free vacation. You've probably been overwhelmed since you walked in the house, Madison." He says seriously. Whenever he really wants me to do something for the sake of my sanity, he calls me by my full name and not my shortened name. He's always wanting me to stop worrying and to start living my life.
"Where would I even go?" I frown, putting the noodles I was making into a bowl.
"San Francisco." He says quickly. That's when I catch on to him.
"Ah, you want me to visit San Francisco so you can bribe me into sending you things from there. I see what you're doing." I give a sly smile, taking everything over to the dinning table. Every time we would visit somewhere and for some reason Alex couldn't go, he'd make us get him things from there.
"Okay fine. But that's because I don't have a true rainbow flag and I know that San Francisco is like the center of the LGBT community." He huffs, putting his chin on his hand. I laugh, taking a bite of my mac n' cheese. 
"I see what you're saying." I say, still laughing a little. "How are things with you and Jer? You skipped school to miss a test to study for it more, but at the same time you can't see Jeremy." I say confused.
"We're good. I'm getting one step closer to most likely asking him to date me, Madi. I just need to slide into his DM's a little more and maybe we'll be somewhere?" He says with a question. I just shake my head laughing.
"You said that last time. Aren't you guys talking? Is he even interested?" I ask.
"Yes. He's interested. And yes I've talked to him before." He defends.
"Okay. So you've talked to him once."
"Maybe." Alex pauses and then realizes what he said. "Wait no, I've talked to him more than once I swear."
"Okay. Well get to studying, I'll think about going to San Francisco." I smile at him. He whisper-yells a yes and then quickly says bye to me. I love my family and their terrible flirting abilities.

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