san francisco: sequel to invisible

"You will meet someone one day and you're going to fall in love with them for their eyes, just like I did and just like your father did."

"You're going to fall in love with the bright blue eyes similar to those of the man you'll always love the most. Your father. You'll fall in love with someone's eyes who are so much brighter than yours and you're going to find all the hope in the the world in their eyes...That's how I found Luke. His eyes were always so much brighter than my green ones and in them I saw hope."

All I know is that I can never keep my eyes out of hers. I'm always getting lost in them as she tells me about who she is and what she loves doing. It seems that her blue eyes are always so bright, as bright as her smile.


27. author's note.


Please tell me what you thought of it. I want to know what you thought. There is NO sequel to this. That is so freaking far ahead from the original story that I would never be able to keep track of it.

So I wonder if you noticed some things about this story that corresponded with the first one. I'll list them and I want you to tell me if you noticed it.

1. Chapter 10 for both stories are the same song for a reason: So chapter 10 in Invisible is when Michael tells Luke that Luke is the reason he is happy. Michael tells Luke that his eyes completely contrast with his own with happiness. Now in San Francisco, Madison is practically getting lost in Jess's bright blue eyes and she talks about how they contrast with her green ones. Exactly what Michael thought.

2. In chapter 21 of San Francisco, it's the day Michael died 15 years later, but did you notice how she wanted to go?: In Invisible, I didn't specify the date Michael had died. In this story, it tells you that he died August 10. The date is sort of figured out from chapter 19 going into 20 and 21. In chapter 19, it's the night of August 9 in San Francisco and then in chapter 20 and 21, it's the next day but in each of their views. But the thing is, Madi was going to do the same thing Michael did to himself except she was also going to jump from the bridge. The only different thing about the way they wanted to go was the bridge.

3. Chapter 24 of San Francisco and chapter 7 of Invisible are the same song: I used Iris as their first slow dance in both stories and that's why that's the chapter title.

4. Also in chapter 24 of San Francisco, look at the end. Does it look familiar to chapter 17 of Invisible?: I put the same saying in the end for both chapters. Michael and Jess say 'I love you to the moon.' and then Luke and Madi ask 'And back?' and then Michael and Jess respond with 'And back.' and I didn't realize the two chapters say almost exactly the same thing. I cried when I realized that.

5. In the epilogue/chapter 25 of San Francisco, notice something about the second child?: It's mentioned in the chapter but Michael Link is born on Michael's death date. He was due on Jess's birthday like Madi was born on Michael's. Michael and Jess are the second main characters of both stories and I just thought it was funny that I make Michael Link's due date on Jess's birthday. Also Madi named him Michael because of her dad and his middle name is Link because of the explanation in the chapter. I just thought it was great to do that. I had the opportunity and I took it.

Anyways, I hope you liked this 2 part 'series'. I love you all so much for reading it. Thank you so much for reading and all the support, even though when you see this, not many people actually read it.

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