"You cant tell anyone about this, am i clear?"

"Yes boss"

"Eh eh eh, its Mr.Styles to you."


2. he arrives

The sound of my alarm rang through the apartment. I quickly got up turned it off and rushed to the bathroom.

"You seriously got the job?" Veta asked popping in the doorway.

"Yes or i wouldnt be up at 6:30 in the morning." I replied washing my face.

"Dont you have to be there at 8?" She asked. I let out a huge sigh.

"You know how traffic is here. I have to leave at least 30 minutes earlier and im wearing these new heels i got and i refuse to run in them." I said.

"Smart. Go get us some money mama." Veta laughed smacking my butt several times.

I laughed and rolled my eyes brushing my teeth. After i was done i went to my closet and got out the outfit emma gave me. Ive never worn a pencil skirt and i would never think of it. I slid on some tan stockings and then slid on my white pencil dress. It made my butt look bigger and my boobs were pushed up more.

I rushed to the bathroom and turned on my flat irons and grabbed my makeup bag. I grabbed concealer to cover up my hideous dark circles under my eyes and put on a redish-brownish liquid lipstick. I have green eyes and freckles on my nose and tops of my cheeks.

My flat iron flashed green and i quickly went in to straighten my black long hair. I split my part down the middle of my hair putting on little white stud earrings.

"What time is it!" I yelled while slipping on these pearly white heels.

"7:13!" Veta yelled back. I grabbed my white clutch purse putting my key card and nametag in it along with a few other things.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a cinnamon bagel off the counter eating it while plopping down next to veta.

"There better be cute guys." I said.

"Oh there is." She said showing me her laptop.

" Brookview 7's 11th floor boss has been fired due to a failed drug test. There is a mew replacement boss and its the first male one." I whispered to myself. They only had pictures of him from behind. His chocolatey curls came just under his ears and thats all i could see of him.

"I work on floor 11. Oh my god! Im leaving! Love you bye!" I yelled while racing to the door.


The elevator opened to floor 11 and there was a crowd of girls around the bosses door. I walked up pushing people out the way.

There he was sitting in his desk with 4 workers sitting on it. One behind him with her hands on his shoulders. He had a very intense jawline and green eyes like mine but his look like they could kill. His soft plump pink lips caught my eyes as he slid his tongue over it.

"You must be Ms. Parker." He said sitting back in his chair.

"Everyone out." He said his British accent taking me by surprise. Every single girl gave me a dirty look except one and she approached me.

"Come visit me when you're done. Im ashley." She smiled closing the door behind her.

"So you're the new girl everyones been talking about huh?" He said folding his hands propping his chin on them. I was still awkwardly standing there.

" what do you mean everyones been talking about?" I asked glaring at him.

"Seems most of the girls dislike you already and its your first day of work." He said smirking. Godhis face is so mesmerizing.

"I..i...well i cant do anything about that." I stammered.

"Ashley will help you with learning how to measure and record everything for the models. I want you to show me at the end of your shift everyday everything you wrote down. So make sure nothings wrong. Also i dont date workers so dont even try like the others did." He explained. I was taken aback from the last thing he said. I mean yeah hes fine but I wasn't going to try to get with him. At least not yet.

I felt my cheeks get hot.

"I wasnt going to try to get with you Mr. Styles ." I exclaimed looking at his name tag. I started walking to the door.

Just before i walked out he called my name.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Maybe you should pull your dress down some." He whispered with the biggest smirk on his face.

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