"You cant tell anyone about this, am i clear?"

"Yes boss"

"Eh eh eh, its Mr.Styles to you."


1. Chapter 1

"right here's fine." I said to the taxi driver handing him a 20.

I got out the taxi yanking down at my dress.

"Last time I freakin listen to veta." I mumbled to myself. Veta is my roomate and she convinced me to wear this short ass dress that rolls up within every step to my interview. I stopped in front of the ginormous building staring at the sign.

"Brookview 7"

The sign flashed in bright white lights as the words scrolled left reappearing on the right. Brookview 7 is one of the hottest fasion designs thats buzzing in New York right now and they're hiring.

I opened the glass door approaching the lady behind the marble desk.

"Hi, im here for the interview with Ms.Kash." I said folding my hands on the counter.The lady nodded her head picking up the phone.

I tuned out her call and looked around at the place. There were 3 huge chandeliers hanging from the walls. Clear with silver crystals hanging from them. There was a huge plasma tv on the wall with the boss of brookview talking. The video repeated on and on.

"Miss uh Ms.Kash can see you now. You can take the elevator to floor 6." The lady said. I nodded going to the elevator.

"wheeew okay jaiden don't fuck this up." I whispered to myself as the doors opened. A big 6 was plastered on the pillar outside of the elevator. I stepped out walking passed faces staring at me. I quickly exhaled opening the door to her office.



"congratulations Ms.Parker, welcome to Brookview 7." Ms.Kash said resting her hands on mine. "You will be working on floor 11. You can go up there now there will be someome waiting for you up there." She finished opening the door for me.

"thank you so much." I said smiling as i walked out.


the doors opened to floor 11 and no one paid attention to me on this floor. 

"You must be Ms.Parker." A high pitched voice said extending their hand out. I politely shook it nodding my head.

"you can just call me Jaiden." I replied following her to her office.

"alright jai-den." She said putting a break inbetween the name.

"well here at brookview we have different "bosses" for each floor. Im the "boss" for this floor but Ms.Kash is the boss of everyone here. So stay on her good side. You will be working as measuring the models. Thats a important job to not mess up. You mess up the models measurements you mess up thee entire outfit. But i trust you now. You can start tomorrow at 8am sharp. Here goes your key card, nametag and every new girl has to wear this outfit on their first day." She explained handing me a white outfit. It was a white pencil dress. 

"Hopefully you kept up with everything and ill see you right here tomorrow 8am sharp." She added opening the door.

"ill be here ms...." I trailed off. I never caught her name.

"Ms.fields. Emma fields." She answered smiling.

"Remember 8am sharp!" 



i swear itll get better i just had to tell like the behinning. Cant jump into everything too quickly.


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