invisible // muke

"You've made me feel so much happiness and I don't want to ever leave that happiness." It's March 22, 2013; our one month. A moment I'll cherish forever and a moment I'll never forget.

There are mentions of self harm, suicide, abuse, and depression. If you have any of these problems and just need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open ❤️


19. taxi cab // twenty one pilots

I go to knock on Michael's front door and the door opens slightly from my knocking. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I open the door to find that the house was a complete mess. Things were everywhere. Glass bottles smashed, seeming to have been thrown at the walls. I'm assuming whatever happened did not go well. I walk into the dinning room, setting down Michael's birthday present on the dinning table.
"Michael?" I call out, my voice seeming to echo through the house. The house is completely silent aside from the sound of my own breathing. From gut feelings, I don't think everything is okay. I hear a loud thud come from upstairs and I run upstairs as fast as my feet could possibly take me. I'm so afraid of what I might find. I open the door to Michael's room to find him struggling to breathe, a noose around his neck. The soft, delicate neck I always leave soft kisses and love bites on. I quickly get the chair under his feet again, blindly catching him as he fell out of the rope around his neck. I fall with him, but it breaks his fall. We are both leaning against his bed as tears are pouring from my eyes, trying to keep him awake. As I rub my thumb over his face, I realize his wrists were also bleeding. This is when I decide to call for an ambulance. After the lady hung up, leaving me to wait alone, my lip quivers as I try keeping him conscious. "Mikey, sweetie, please stay with me. Please don't leave me. I love you so much." I sob quietly to him, constantly leaving kisses on his face. Finally the paramedics get here and take him. I go to get in with him and one of them pulls me back.
"What is your relation to him?"
"I'm his boyfriend." I sob out, scared for his life. The man let me get into the ambulance with him as he's rushed to the hospital.

"He'll be alright, okay. Please calm down, Luke." Calum rubs my back as I keep my knees close to my chest. I haven't stopped crying since they took him. It's been 3 hours.
"I just want to hold him so close and tell him that I love him. I want to show him that I love him. I want to hear his v-voice again. I want to hear his heartb-beat and his b-b-breathing." I stutter mindlessly as I sob into my knees. Ashton comes back over from talking to the doctor who was taking care of Michael. I didn't have the strength to get up out of the chair.
"Hey." Ashton says softly, sitting next to me. "Listen." He says, putting a hand on my shoulder. I turn my head to look at him, messily wiping my tears. "The doctor said that Michael is going to be okay. They just stabilized him and he has an iv in. They got him donated blood and stitched up the wounds. He's going to be okay. I promise." Ashton smiles sympathetically. He's been the most calm this entire time. He really knows how to handle situations like this. "He said you can go see him." Ash smiles again. "Do you want to?" I nod, actually smiling for the first time in almost 4 hours. I pull my legs out, my knees sore for sitting in the same position for three hours. I go to stand and I almost collapse from how weak they seemed to be. Calum had caught me. Ashton asks a nurse if we could take a wheelchair for now since I had been sitting like that for three hours straight. She let us take the wheelchair and I'm wheeled down to Michael's room. By time we get there, the feeling in my legs come back and I stand up, walking over to him. There's a bruise around his neck from the short period the rope was around his delicate neck. He looked pale. His hair was all messy and sticking up in some places. He just looked so terrible. I take his hand, sitting in the chair I pulled up next to his bed.
"Hey." I mumble, kissing the back of his hand. I look over to see that I'm alone with him. "I love you so much, sweetheart. Please don't ever scare me like that again. I'm so lucky to have gotten there before it was too late. You are coming home with me when you get out. It's going to be a better life for you, I promise. Your father won't be able to hurt you anymore. I know your mum will miss you not being there, but unless we can get your father arrested, I'd rather you stay with me." I stop, realizing he is still passed out. I sigh. "I hope you heard all of that."

What seemed to be 12 hours, 4 more hours passed by since I was allowed in the room and I've already fallen asleep. I'm woken up by something squeezing my hand lightly and someone playing with my hair. I sit up, noticing that Michael had woken up. A small smile forms on his face as his dull green eyes look down at my sleepy expression.
"Morning sunshine." Michael laughs a little, weakly because of the bruise.
"What time is it?" I ask, curious since it was dark out.
"11 at night. I talked them into letting you stay the night." He smiles.
"Why are you up?" I question.
"I couldn't sleep." He mumbles. I get up as he scoots over in his bed. I slide in next to him, wrapping my arms around his waist. His back is pressed against my chest. I kiss his shoulder gently. His fast paced breathing slows down, indicating that he had calmed down from whatever it was that was worrying him.
"Goodnight, Mikey. I love you so much." I whisper, closing my heavy eyes.
"Goodnight, Luke. I love you to the moon." Michael giggles quietly.
"And back?" I ask, smiling.
"And back."

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