My story


1. Being new

      Wake up Mom yelled at your first day of school you don't want to be late fine I'll get up my name is Christopher Robin I'm only 12 it's my first day of school going to plasma university.I am really nervous because ones I get on the school bus I will probably have no were to seat because I am a new kid and no body is going to want to seat next to me. Ones I get to school people are just going to think of me like this oh is the smart boy get away before he says some smart yoke. ohh look its the school bus I ran because it almost missed me, I get on and bam no seats open thats just great I say to my self. Come seat next to me, ok I said whats your name?? My name is Aliza she reaplied yours??? Chirtopher dont you have any special power?? Well yeah have you looked at me I am a cyclops thats not normal at all, what are you?? I am a half blood that is not normal either. So we get t school and I have to find room 509 Mr.Peru's room. I think that is the room for smart kids only. I walked in and I seen Aliza and she walked up to me all happy and she said, yesssss!! we have a class together. Here I have some one that you can meet. ok I say, hi my name is Tomy Robin I am realy glad today is the first day of school. Well I am not and my name is chistopher. OMG said Aliza I cant belive we are in a class together. Mr.peru walked in and said, ok every body take a seat. Aliza sat right next to me. She said, I am so glad to seat next to you. I am so glad we get to seat next to each other.

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