Army Love Story

My army love story. Basically my experience put into story form. I've known Andrew for 2 years now, this August it will be 3. We've gone through so much together and I love him with all my heart. We've had many ups and downs over the years and we have had plenty of drama to last a lifetime. I'm wanting to share my experience just so it can be put out there. This is still currently going on between us and this book will continue until it all comes to an end, whether it be a bad ending or a good one. If you have any experience or any advice you can give feel free to drop them in the comments or you can kik me at enriquette14. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys and I hope you enjoy this as I go through my journey with my Army love story. ❤️


5. Trust No One

I had shortly after started talking to Andrew (Army) again out of no where. He messaged me first one day on PS3 and we started to catch up and he begun telling me that he was thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend and I was like awe I'm sorry why? And he told me because she never would talk to him and that he was always the one who had to start the conversation and I was honestly seeing a good opportunity to take my place back. I had asked who his girlfriend was and he said that somehow he ended up with Zoey. At first I was like who is that? That name sounds familiar and he was like your friend remember? And it hit me right there and then. It literally went off in my head like a lightbulb💡. I was so beyond pissed off. I couldn't believe that, that was happening. Zoey was the kik name we used to test him and if he was saying that they were dating that meant that him and my niece had been dating even after me and him broke up for that one reason. I was so pissed I was shaking. I wanted to cry so much but instead I sent her a long message stating how I felt about her taking Andrew (one at school) away from me but also still dating Army Andrew behind my back on a kik account that wasn't even her. Afterwards I messaged him and told him that, that was no person named Zoey, that it was my 13 year old niece, Shayla. He had told me that she told him that she was 15 and that her name was Zoey and I had told him again that it wasn't and that he needed to trust me, and that I wouldn't lie to him about something like that. I told him what the kik was for in the first place and he apparently wrote her and told her that he hates liars and blocked her. I don't know if he actually did but at that point I didn't care. He knew I was beyond pissed. He tried calming me down and told me it was gonna be ok and that its all over with. Me being me again I gave into him and we started talking again which brought back so many memories that we did have. He then later asked me out and we dated for a little while but then we broke up again for some reason I can't remember but that was just in 2015. It does get worse.

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