Army Love Story

My army love story. Basically my experience put into story form. I've known Andrew for 2 years now, this August it will be 3. We've gone through so much together and I love him with all my heart. We've had many ups and downs over the years and we have had plenty of drama to last a lifetime. I'm wanting to share my experience just so it can be put out there. This is still currently going on between us and this book will continue until it all comes to an end, whether it be a bad ending or a good one. If you have any experience or any advice you can give feel free to drop them in the comments or you can kik me at enriquette14. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys and I hope you enjoy this as I go through my journey with my Army love story. ❤️


3. Reunited

Many months passed and a friend of mine, Kelly, another online friend, had known about Andrew and what had happened and what I had done and she was always telling me that I needed to talk to him because she had contact with him too and apparently they had been talking about it and he had told her that he wanted to talk to me. I never wanted to because I knew I couldn't face him after what I had done to him, I just couldn't talk to him. Well one day she got tired of it and put us both in a group chat without me really knowing and I was forced to face him. This was 2 years ago so I don't remember what happened after that because obviously I've slept a lot since then but I do remember us getting back together some time after that and then breaking up for some reason I don't remember why. But we would get back together again later and this time it lasted a little while and everything was fine, too fine. I actually felt like things were going too good so I decided that maybe I should test him to see if he was by any chance cheating. Well, I didn't want to make a new kik account so I had asked my 13 year old niece at the time if she had an old kik I could use to test him on. She agreed and we tested him a weekend I was at my dads since that's where she lived with him and my stepmom. We posed as a 16 year old girl named Zoey and flirted as much as we could and finally asked him if he had a girlfriend, and sadly he failed the test and said no he was single. I was heartbroken beyond reasoning and felt like I was nothing. We broke up that same day and I never talked to him again. But that's kinda what happened around the time we met. From this point on it gets worse due to many things.

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