Army Love Story

My army love story. Basically my experience put into story form. I've known Andrew for 2 years now, this August it will be 3. We've gone through so much together and I love him with all my heart. We've had many ups and downs over the years and we have had plenty of drama to last a lifetime. I'm wanting to share my experience just so it can be put out there. This is still currently going on between us and this book will continue until it all comes to an end, whether it be a bad ending or a good one. If you have any experience or any advice you can give feel free to drop them in the comments or you can kik me at enriquette14. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys and I hope you enjoy this as I go through my journey with my Army love story. ❤️


1. Summer of 2014

I was 14 years old when I met Andrew, yes the one I love so much. We didn't meet like normal couples would, we didn't meet up at a restaurant, bump into each other at the library or even through mutual friends. Andrew and I met online while playing a game called Black Ops 1 on the PlayStation 3 where as many people like to say BO1 and PS3. Now I know many of you who will read this might not know anything about video games or video game consoles but it's ok, I'll walk you through it. Black Ops 1 is basically a game where its first person and basically all you do is shoot the enemies. But there is also a part where you can play and basically just shoot zombies. Well that's where Andrew comes in. One day I decided to play BO1 just to get my mind off of things that had recently happened to me and I never would have thought that I would have met the most amazing guy ever. I had joined a random session of zombies and I had my microphone on so that I could talk to people while we played. Well, Andrew was the only one who had his mic on. I was actually very nervous because I'm not the type of person that engages in a conversation right away with ease, I'm a very shy person. Thankfully he wasn't the same and he started talking. God, his voice back then was so angel like. Like I instantly fell in love with his voice. It was really deep and just perfect. Well, we played game after game together and without realizing it, we became really good friends. We would play as much as we could together and even his little brother would join us. But shortly after all that he finally asked me out and I said yes. Little did we both know that I was the one that, right then, I made the biggest mistake in my entire life that I still regret til this day.

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