My Teacher

It's Jessa's first day of college and she is very nervous and excited

What happens when she walks into her music arts class and she automatically falls for

Will she get him or will his job be in the way? Will he fall her too? Read to fine out


4. //3//


The bell rang for the class to be over everyone packed there things and left so I went up to Mr. Irwin's desk

"You wanted to see me Mr. Irwin"

"Yes um what were you telling your during my class" he said

"Ummm..... I said that you w-were a good teacher for it only being your first time"

"Was that you said to her cause it seemed you told her more than that" he smirked while coming closer and soon he was so close to me that my breathing hitched and i was pretty sure he could hear my heart beat

"Ya that's all I remember telling her about you I didn't say a-anything e-else" way to go Jessa could you make it anymore obvious your lying I mentally face palmed myself

"Okay but anymore distractions in my class and you will have after school detention with me for a week gotta"

"Y-yes sir" I said than he leaned in so his mouth was by my ear and said

"Good now call me Ashton or Ash it's more my speed when I talk to people" I could feel his breath on my neck and it was so warm it made the hair on my neck stand up and with that he gave me wink than turned to go back to his desk

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