Bruised and Scarred

Severus Snape finds out that he has a son but when he goes to collect him, the bruised and scarred little boy he finds is not what he expected. How will Snape deal with the scared, abused little boy he now has custody of. Mentions of abuse. Parental Snape and OC. I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER!


2. The Diagnosis

Madame Pomfrey was just about to get into bed when Severus came rushing out of the fireplace and yelled her name.

"Poppy! I need your help" she watched as he ran to the nearest bed, and as soon as she saw the broken little boy in his arms she rushed off to get her medical bag.

Severus gently laid Edward down on the bed and transfigured his clothes away until he was dressed only in his boxers. Tears welled up in his eyes as he took in the concave stomach, the hollows between his ribs and the many bruises, scars and lacerations that covered his body.

Covering his mouth with his hand he turned away and closed his eyes, shoulders shaking softly, his little boy, his poor little boy how could anyone do this to such a sweet little child.

A soft hand landed gently on his shoulder, "Severus" Poppy whispered to him "I know it hurts and I know you are confused, but right now we need to help him or he won't make it"

Dark eyes snapped up to meet light green, wide with shock, then they narrowed with determination and he nodded "let's do it"

Poppy smiled gently at the grim determination on his face and waved her wand in the air, simultaneously summoning blood replenishing, fever reducing and dreamless sleep potions and casting a diagnostic spell on the boy.

Severus quickly spelled the potions into the young boys stomach and stiffened as Poppy let out a small stifled gasp, "oh Severus, how could they?" She choked out.

"What? Poppy what is it?" He whirled round to face her but she just shook her head softly and handed him the piece of parchment that had sprouted from the tip of her wand.

6 broken ribs

Dislocated shoulder

Multiple lacerations

Sprained ankle

Shattered kneecap

Broken legs

Fractured hip

Severus lookes up from the parchment and met Poppy's eyes, unnoticed tears rolling down his cheeks, his hands shook at the devastated look she gave him, "there's something else isn't there" he asked softly not looking her in the eyes.

"Oh Severus, im so sorry, he may never walk again" she sobbed, "the damage to his legs and leg muscles is too much for even magic to fix"

He shook his head numbly, "no" he muttered, "he will be fine, i'll make sure of it no matter what" he raised his head to look at her, "how do I help him?" he asked.

Poppy smiled and explained about physical therapy and what he would have to do to get Edward walking, while Edward was sleeping peacefully, or so they thought.


He wandered around in the dark, confused as to where he was, the last thing he remembered was his foster father beating him and the kitchen door slamming open, then soft, gentle arms had enclosed him and held him tightly and he had felt safe.

He began to cry as he noticed his unfamiliar surroundings and the absence of the comforting presence, then he heard his father's voice from behind him, and began to scream into the strange dark void he was stuck in.

'Why did this happen I don't understand!" He cried.


Severus jerked awake on the hospital bed he had fallen asleep on, it took him a second to figure out what had woken him.

The tiny figure on the bed next to him was crying out and sobbing desperately, crying out for someone to help and apologising to whatever he was seeing in his mind.

He sank to his knees beside the bed and gently began carding his fingers through the silky black hair, whispering softly to him "Edward, Ed honey, it's okay wake up, please wake up you're safe" gradually the sobbing began to ease to quiet whimpers and the ocean blue eyes blinked open, hazy with pain and confusion.

Severus heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of those beautiful eyes, he gently took Edwards hand and softly stroked his thumb over the back of it in an attempt to calm him.

He flinched back, eyes wide in shock and fear, and began to shake, "who are you?" He asked, voice raw from screaming "why am I here? Im sorry I didn't mean to, please don't hurt me"

Severus shook his head "I won't hurt you Edward, my name is Severus, i'm your dad" Edward stared up at him with wide hopeful eyes before his head dropped and he stared at his hands,

"no you're not" he muttered "daddy's are for good boys, a bad boy like me doesn't deserve a daddy"

Severus felt his heart break at the way he uttered those words so matter of factly, he was going to kill those muggles when he got the chance!

"Edward" he said gently, "look at me, you are not a bad boy and you definitely did not deserve this. I am your daddy and I am so sorry that I didn't come for you sooner, but I only found out that you were alive a few days ago and then I came to get you" he sighed and shifted closer to the little boy curled up against the headboard of the bed.

"I love you Edward and I will do anything to protect you, I promise, you will never be hurt like this again, me"

Edward sat still for a moment, this man was who had held him so gently the night before, the man whose presence had been so comforting to him and made him feel so safe, maybe it would be okay to trust him, maybe he wouldn't hurt him.

Who was he kidding, they always hurt him, but he wanted to be close to this man so much.

He closed his eyes and reached out towards the man as the sobs he had been so desperately containing broke free.

Severus immediately scooped him up as soon as he saw him reach for him, cradling him in his arms and gently stroking his head as he sobbed, holding tightly to his robes as if he was afraid that if he let go, Severus would just disappear. "Its okay, your safe now, its okay" eventually Edward fell asleep in his arms, exhausted from crying.

He was reluctant to put him down and even if he had, he suspected that the iron grip on his robes would prevent him from doing so.

He quickly transfigured a chair and sank down into it, curling Edward into his body and gently tucking his robes around him, he gently kissed him on the forehead and stroked his head. "Goodnight Edward" he whispered softly.

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