Bruised and Scarred

Severus Snape finds out that he has a son but when he goes to collect him, the bruised and scarred little boy he finds is not what he expected. How will Snape deal with the scared, abused little boy he now has custody of. Mentions of abuse. Parental Snape and OC. I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER!


3. Revelation

Albus Dumbledore paced around his office angrily, Severus was ruining his plans, and how did the man even find out about his son.

He thought he had hidden all evidence of him 5 years ago when he had murdered his mother after she gave birth.

Severus had been told that there were complications during labour and both mother and child had perished. It had been important to keep Severus as a spy for the Order, he was the highest ranking spy they had and the only one in Voldemorts inner circle, he was invaluable to them and if he had a son and wife to worry about; he wouldn't be an effective spy anymore.

He cursed, how? How did he find out?...

Lucius that has to be it, he is high ranking in the ministry and practiced as a lawyer in the muggle world.

Oh sugar, I forgot to erase the records of the child from Gringotts, his trust fund would still be active because he is alive, he shook his head sadly, it wouldn't take much to trace the child back to that orphanage.

Stop stressing Albus, he scolded himself the child could still be of use to you, he is something to use against Severus and he has money.

Yes Albus, calm down and think about how we can use this to our advantage' he sank down into the chair behind his desk and folded his arms on top, a conspiratorial smirk on his face as he began to plot ways to make his life better.


Severus spent that night just holding his son tightly, he didn't want to ever let go, he just wanted to make sure he was alright and felt safe.

The next morning he woke up still sitting in the chair he had transfigured the night before, pain shooting down his back as he straightened up gently adjusting the still sleeping child in his arms.

Now that he had the chance to study him when he wasn't covered in blood and bruises, he looked remarkably like himself, straight dark hair, angular cheekbones and long slender fingers.

He smiled despite himself, he looked so peaceful and happy, a small moan interrupted his musings as Edward began to stir.

The ocean blue eyes blinking open once again to stare in surprise at him, Severus smiled and greeted his son warmly.

"Good morning Ed" he said softly "how do you feel?"

The blue eyes blinked slowly at him and filled up with tears "mister" he whispered sadly "why can't I move my legs?"

Severus' heart broke at those six little words.


Edward woke to those same warm and comforting arms holding him once more.

His whole body hurt and his back was aching badly but what worried him the most was the fact that he couldn't move his legs properly.

He blinked his eyes and the man who had called himself his dad yesterday was there looking down at him.

"Good morning Ed" he said softly "how do you feel?"

He blinked slowly at the man in confusion, why did this man care about him, should he tell him? That man had always told him that he should never tell people what was wrong because he deserved it and no one would care.

This man seemed to though so he decided to ask the most pressing question in his mind at that moment.

"Mister" he whispered sadly "why can't I move my legs?"

The man sucked in a sharp breath and he cowered away, he knew it was a bad idea to ask

"I'm sorry, im sorry, I shouldn't have asked, no asking questions is rule number one, please don't hurt me" he begged crossing his arms over his face since he couldn't get away with the man holding him.


Oh he was going to destroy those muggles, Edward was afraid of even the slightest noise that even hinted of anger or violence.

He gently moved his arms away from his face, "Edward listen to me, it is perfectly fine for you to ask questions, the muggles you were with were liars and I will never, ever hurt you!" He said emphatically.

The little boy nodded nervously at him, "okay mister"

"Call me Severus Edward or whatever you are comfortable with" he smiled sadly, "To answer your question, there was considerable damage to the muscles in your legs and you will have to work hard to walk again."

"Oh" the little boy whispered sadly, "can I though? Will I ever walk again?" the tears overflowing and slowly trailing down his cheeks.

"Oh Edward darling" he exclaimed pulling him back into his arms, "I will try my hardest to get you walking again and I will be there for you every step of the way" he gently kissed him on the top of his curly head and rocked him back and forth until he dropped back into a peaceful sleep.

He pulled himself to his feet and strode across his spacious quarters after casting a quick monitoring charm on his son, he had some healers to speak to and some documents to draw up.

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