The Devil's Maze (paused)

Blake, Amber and Andrew get's quite of a suprise, when they, on their way to Land of the Dead, get's invited to have dinner with the devil; which only can further develop _______________________________________________________________________________ This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


5. 4 Chapter

We returned to the table. Amber looked at me, asking me with her eyes, if i was  okay. I answered her with a little nod  After a few silent minutes , where no one touched the food, Lucifer finally spoke.

“As I was  saying; you’re dead.” This time with a little more sympathy. “And at some point, you have to travel to the Land of the Dead, but before that, I will offer you shelter, here with me.”

“No.” Amber said, ice cold, before I could as much as even think of an answer. I noticed how Lucifer was ready to defend his offer, but before he said anything, I spoke:

“We’ll think about it.”  He nodded.

“Well,” He seemed happy about my answer. “While you’re making up your mind, I would like to give you both a gift.” He smiled as he look at us both, and then stood up. “ Come.”

He lead us out into the entrance again, and then up the stairs. Through what seemed like an endless hall and into a big timeless kitchen. The kitchen had everything you ever wanted. Five women dressed in black dresses and white aprons were standing in front of the kitchen island  waiting.

“I’m told that you loved cooking.” Lucifer said.

“Yeah that’s true.” Amber said, surprised and suspicious.

“This is my gift to you. A kitchen with everything within, including  5 servants”

“Um, thank you sir..” Amber said confused. “ I really don’t know what to say.”

“How about you cook for us tonight? That should be plenty of time, for you to get to know your new kitchen.  You can always ask your servants to help you.” She nodded. Then Lucifer and I continued.

We walked down the endless hallway, around the corner, and through another one. We kept walking until I no longer remembered what road was back. He stopped and opened the door to a big bright room. The room was filled up with acrylic paint, easels, coal, model dolls and much, much more. I had never seen anything like it!  It was like walking into a dream.

“Here’s my gift to you. Your very own atelier.” I was so happy. I couldn’t control it, I almost jumped. I furrowed into his comprehensive in a warm hug, but the minute I looked into his eyes, I lost my breath. He was surprised, but smiled.

“You’re welcome.” He said smiling. He was a difficult man to read. I was in awe, but at the same time, he felt like a completely normal guy.  “If there ever gonna be anything. Anything at all, I’m in next door.”  

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