The Devil's Maze (paused)

Blake, Amber and Andrew get's quite of a suprise, when they, on their way to Land of the Dead, get's invited to have dinner with the devil; which only can further develop _______________________________________________________________________________ This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


4. 3 Chapter

“Let me introduce myself; My name is Lucifer, better known as the devil.”  The devil. The word repeated itself, like an echo, inside my head. It made something come inside me. Some kind of fear and an idea, that I could run away from death.

I barely noticed i moved. It happened like a reaction. I was just suddenly in a run. Away from my sister, my girlfriend but mostly the devil.  I took the one and only escape there were. I ran as fast as possible, until I faced a wall. I turn around and ran another way, until I faced another wall. I did that until I no longer knew which way I came from.

I did think about what I done before I stood  there, surrounded by frightening tall walls. I head Amber yell, but I did nothing to answer.  All the walls looked the same, uneven, overgrown of dead plants and unbelievable tall.  I’d try looking up, but all there were to see was a empty sky. The air was heavy and moist.

My gaze wandered around the place and thoughts run crazy. I heard some inhumanly scream, followed up by a female scream. It made my pulse racing once again, and I begin to run away from the sound.

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