The Devil's Maze (paused)

Blake, Amber and Andrew get's quite of a suprise, when they, on their way to Land of the Dead, get's invited to have dinner with the devil; which only can further develop _______________________________________________________________________________ This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


3. 2 Chapter

“As you  might have already  guessed, you’re dead. “ It  seemed so simple for him, but for me it was like the world was going under.  Even though I didn’t have any heatbeat anymore, I felt like my heart was  running a marathon. I couldn’t believe, I simply couldn’t believe it. I was shaking, and couldn’t breathe. I flew up from my chair, turned around and faced Lucifer.   I tried desperately to say something; to make up an excuse for my behavior, but everything started to fade, and I feared that I might faint. So I left the room, before it happened.

I left the room as fast as possible. I ran through some glass doors, out on the big balcony, all the way out to the railings, before stopping. I was shaking so bad, I badly wanted to scream, but I ran out of air. I sat down, and started to cry.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was Amber, but when I saw it was Lucifer, I fell  back on my tailbone in shock 

“I’m so sorry, Mr.Lucifer;” I tried to keep my voice stable throughout  the tears “It was my intention to..” He shushed me, and sat down next to me.

“It’s okay, calm down.” As he said it, he  wasn't  like the evil and dangerous devil, he was just like a normal sweet and caring guy.

“It’s just… I just lost my mom. We were heading home from her funeral, and then.. then this happened..”  My weeping overpowered me “I lost my mother, my brother and now my life..”  He put his arm around me.

“But you still have  Amber. And if it’s any help, you also have  me. “ For the first time, I looked him in the eyes. They were so specialand appealing, you barely noticed they were yellow

“Thanks, Mr. Lucifer. “ I was stopped crying.

“No need for calling me mister. You’re already dead, there’s no reason to fear me anymore.” He gave me a little squeeze.  Surprisingly, it made me  smile.  I looked out at the sky and the massive maze.

“What even is that?” I asked

“Oh, the maze. Don’t you think about that. I’ll tell you about that later. He gave me a smile, before he asked me if I was ready to go inside again. I nodded as a yes.


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