The Devil's Maze (paused)

Blake, Amber and Andrew get's quite of a suprise, when they, on their way to Land of the Dead, get's invited to have dinner with the devil; which only can further develop _______________________________________________________________________________ This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


2. 1 Chapter

I didn’t know  where I was  or how I got there. In front of me was  this unimaginably big mansion. It was white, three stories high, and  in the shape of a horseshoe. It had countless windows and 2 balconies;  one at each end of the horseshoe. It was so shockingly big and breathtaking. I almost thought I saw visions. But there was a mistake in the picture-perfect place. It looked abandoned. The paint fell off the walls, every nook was covered up in dust and all the plants were dead. The sky was completely grey, and there wasn’t a single cloud  or bird. There was a feeling of death.

And if that wasn’t already strange enough, it was surrounded by big concrete walls overgrown by dead plants. There was only one exit, which  lead to even more walls. It looked like a maze, and it continued as far as i could see. But there was something weird about the maze. It was going up, like we were  in the middle of a hole. The place made me shiver.  

In front of the big majestic doors stood a man, whose [‘which’ is not a possessive noun. :) ]  age was impossible to tell.  He was tall, strong and sexy. His brown hair went down to his shoulders, and his cheekbones was outstanding. He was very appealing. He looked at us, like he had expected us.

“Welcome!” He said, with a big smile, and presented the place with his arm. “You’re  probably confused, and that’s completely understandable.” He was so calm. “Let me introduce myself; My name is Lucifer, better known as the devil.”

I barely noticed a movement, before Andrew had started to run. I grabbed out after him, but didn’t get a good enough hold on him. He slipped through my fingers, and ran right into the maze, and out of my eyesight.

“Aren’t you going to do something!” I yelled to the devil.  He didn’t move at all.

“No.” He said without any worries. “He made his choice...Why don’t we continue  this conversation over a piece of bread.” He snapped his fingers, and the doors opened behind him.

Inside there was a majestically large entrance , with marble floors and columns. There were 2 staircases who went up and ended together in a balcony. The room was lit  up by these huge chandeliers. The room was so large, bright and empty. He led us into the dining hall on the left side. The walls in this room were bordeaux red, with no pictures or paintings. In the middle stood a table with room for 13, with all kinds of food. Everything from lobster to deer. The devil sat at the end. I took the chair at his left and Blake took the right one.

“As you can see, I got plenty of food, but if there sould be missing something, don’t be shy, just tell me. I have a large  amount of servants. People shouldn’t sell their souls to me.”  He laughed. It wasn’t as underhanded and vicious , as you may think. It was inviting.

“As you might have already  guessed, you’re dead. “ He made it look so simple, like it was nothing. I guess he’s used to it.

Blake flew up from her chair. She looked at the devil as she fought for finding words, but she was speechless. She ran out of the room. I got up, but before I could leave the table, the devil put his hand on my shoulder.

“I think it’s best, I go talk to her.” He said, and went after her.


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