2. They Call Me Ugly

O/ - Chapter Two - O/

They Call Me Ugly

Yawn – W-what? It’s time to get up already? I’ve only just finished my dream… SHIT, okay, okay, I feel like I’ve just come down with a virus. The love doctor may need to see me quick, I have this urge for someone in my life. No, wait, I don’t have any urge for anyone.

After opening my eyes to the summery weather that had continued into morning; my body was ready to be tanned. The moment I lifted myself out of bed, I could see lard ass again. Always strolling down the hallway- what does she see in him?  Clearly, she doesn’t see a whole lot with his tubby stomach in my face every night. Well, that’s not true, I get in his way as much as he does to me. I just hate seeing him walking like a brain dead zombie towards my bedroom- spluttering out stupid words like: ‘H-honey, sweet princess, ugh, you need to go school.” I feel like I’m being looked after by a jock, and that truly is saying something.

The dream that I had last night was amazing, I got to see all my friends- what’s left of them. Weird, not all of them wanted to be around me, and the other one that I ended up hating in the dream told me to F- off. Do you think she’s got problems? I don’t, I just feel like my dreams are trying to tell me something. Oh well, I remember a better dream from last night; it had me kissing the face off this hunk. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say it was a night worth remembering.

Mucus-Puke-Us, that should be a name of a store in the mall. I can see everyone turning their faces into disgust with the viewing of my mucus-filled sister grinning on a billboard. God, I wonder what it would be like to see my sister on a billboard, probably not a great sight. She’d like the fame, but she would never through with the modelling. Who would take her on? Her punk-ass boyfriend? I doubt it, he doesn’t quite see her anyway. I heard that he looks the other way when they kiss- I asked myself how the hell does he manage to do that? He told me, he uses a rubber head. What the actual F-

- 8:00 AM –

How is it possible to have woken up at yet again, another stupid time to add to my list of stupid times that I have failed to wake up to. There was thing called routine in the ‘house rules’ yet nobody would really listen to that rule. And the way it went down with my first stepfather taking a plunge into mother. He didn’t want to be around much longer, so he faked an illness- and told me & my sister that the reason he faked it, is because our mother is a very desperate woman. Yikes! Didn’t see that coming, but then again- my sister sure takes after her. Come to think about, she always reminds me of my mother. Ugh, I have my own mom trying to grow inside my sister. Gross!

- 8:30 AM –

More waves of thoughts, they always get me when I don’t need them. They come in like a tidal wave, one after the other, washing away what’s left of my empty thoughts. My sister told me that I’m crazy for thinking that there’s actual waves in my head that dry up the land in my brain. She called me ‘stupid’ for just looking at her in the mirror, and telling her that she can’t find a boyfriend with that mucus face. I drew her a hint- it was a slug that my best friend sent to me whilst she was on vacation in Mexico, I could really see the resemblance. She slimed, slugs slime, it makes sense. She wasn’t in the mood for practical jokes, and told me that my own prank was pathetic.

The vibration that came from underneath my chest made me smile a little, I then realized that I had dropped my own phone overnight. Lodged between my breasts- wow, that was not something I wanted share with you all. Well, I was ready for Kimi to send me her morning texts, I bet it’s a real doozy with her telling me how she lost her virginity to another guy. If this guy happens to be another dude from the internet, I might just scream and drag her down to the beach.


Hey-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y (WTF)

You’ve just woken up I bet, and I wouldn’t be wrong if I called you now, right?

It’s just I found this guy,

And he told me that I looked fit in my vaCAYphoto!


Ugh, I wasn’t surprised by the photo, but I was surprised by the boy who she’s now dating. Some low life chump who can’t quite find his own toys. She told me that he was a special kind of dude over the phone, but I never expected him to be 100% okay, I was preparing myself to pay homage to the sickly. I wanted to say how ‘sorry’ I was on thinking that Kimi only goes for attention seekers. Boy, was I wrong, my preparations weren’t ever going to prepare me for this!

Some slender shaped boy with a big head, I didn’t want to describe him due to it sounding like I’m calling him ugly or something. Well, he is ugly, just not very ugly, okay, he is very ugly. Kimi must’ve taken a box of drugs- no, a crate of drugs that were on their way being shipped to god-knows-where. No way did she actually like this guy? Right?




Sorryyyyyy – I just had to share with you my O M G moments! – Kim

Ooh not finished

He just asked me to come round his house

I’m invited to a party too! WOO HOOOOO!

Oh too bad you don’t get to come

He said ‘friends’ only but you haven’t been much of a friend ;)


- 9:00 AM –

. . . I had actually blacked out, I had no idea why I was still lying in my bed without punk-ass daddy coming to tell me to get a move on. Without my mom coming up the stairs, stomping, screaming, and possibly kicking. Nope, none of that happened- just silence in the room. My mucus sister not even breaking and entering my bedroom. What a surprise, it’s like I just woke up in wonderland. The good kind of wonderland, not the Alice in wonderland’s wonderland. That’s quite a mouthful- sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. I picked up my phone which was now lying on the floor face down.

Did I really just blackout? I couldn’t think for the life of me on why, or even how it happened. There was nothing to show me a sign. I went by what I remembered, a stupid text from Kimi. I glanced over it again to see that it was real, and Kimi had started dating a dude with no balls. Hey, I call them as I see them. Kimi also had sent me a voice message, I never expected that, it wasn’t a long voice message- it just a voice message of her having fun with ugly-mc-gee.

“Heyyyy- you won’t believe where I am right now.”

I replied with a groan, “Ugh, school?”

She laughed at me, and I then heard the annoying laughter from ugly-mc-gee.

“You, you won’t believe where I am right- NOW.”

She screamed the word right down my ear, I could not believe that she just almost broken my ear drums. It’s like the sound of a screeching banshee travelling through both ears at one time. That was quite a scary thought. Kimi didn’t say much, she just continued screaming from the top of her lungs.

“Aren’t you going to school?” I asked, fiddling with a piece of paper.

Kimi stopped talking, she then did some slow breathing. Not long after that I could hear the phone drop to the floor, and the sound of a door slamming. The phone went dead, and I couldn’t even ask her if she wanted to come to my sister’s birthday party.

- 9:30 AM –

“Get your ass down here, young lady, your mother is not feeling too good.”

Ah, the sound of grumpy, the man I didn’t want around me or my family. Why does he have to be in my house, why-why-why. Sorry, I like to slam my head off the door when something doesn’t make sense. Call it weird, call it strange, but I do it because it also annoys my sister. Ha, she comes in trying to make me stop, but I do it again, and again, and again, and then she tells me I’m stupid.

“Ugh, you take your time don’t ya! Your mother isn’t feeling too good, come down here, get your box- and get your mother something to eat.” He shouted from downstairs.

I couldn’t help but scream back; “Not going to happen, lazy- man.” I had no energy for throwing insults.

Just as I said the terrible insult, my sister’s laugher kicked in behind her bedroom door. Ugh, she heard every word, and I can never take that back. I listened again, the sound of lard-ass downstairs squeaking like a mouse in his chair. He was laughing too, and my mom? I bet she at least smiled at him. Why do they love each other? Why can’t she find someone better? Does she really have low standards? So many questions, why-why-why.

I decided that it was time to go downstairs and face the music, listen to my stepdad squabble about nothing. And my mother sitting there with a piece of bread in her hand clucking like a chicken. Or possibly a duck, I always feel like she has a duck face when she’s sick. As for lazy man? He just sits there holding his large meal with a duck face growing on him. Ha, I guess they were made for each other. Just why did I have to be relate to the duck family? Ugh.

Lauren Tweeted: “Not taking back what I tweeted yesterday. The dude just won’t give me a break, and I still can’t see the beautiful view of our lovely beach. Maybe the bitch can help me out, but even she seems to ruin the scenery with her duck-face.”

- 30 Retweets in just five minutes.

- 10:00 AM -

Back to the one place I don’t belong, school- my walk near the beach was nowhere near memorable. The early beach kids weren’t there, and the view weren’t as beautiful with construction workers trying to block it with their cranes. I was never expecting anyone to block my wonderful view, but it just had to be cranes, I could’ve lived with it if everyone saw my stepdad up there- hogging the sunlight with his fat ass. I guess dreams just don’t come true.

I thought I was late at first, until the ‘drooler’ showed up; a nickname I made up for him after yesterday. My shoulder once again being covered by saliva, I couldn’t tell you anyone about this- they would laugh at me, and most likely shame me. I had a nightmare too last night, it was about drooling boy wonder who strolled into my room and slobbered all over my face. Ugh, I just wish it was a dog, not some high school boy who wants me to be his doll.

“L-Lauren? Your name is Lauren, right?” He looks at me not even finding it weird how he just said the same thing from yesterday.

I closed my locker door, locking it shut as he tried to put his hand in there. “Yes” – I hissed, “what do you want?”

“Sometimes I wonder if you are actually Lauren. You don’t seem like a Lauren.” He smiled.

I turned to face him with the idea of sticking his hand in my locker door. “Okay, you wanted to say something?” My eyes lit up into flames, my imagination made it seem that way.

“Lauren? I said something, I just didn’t say what you wanted to hear.”

I looked at his smile, his face made me want to look away. His eyes were the main part of him that I couldn’t resist. “You wanted to tell me something I wanted to hear?”

“Well, you know how I checked you out yesterday, I actually-“ he scratched the back of his head, his cheeks glowing bright red. “I actually wanted to say I’m sorry for checking you out.”

Okay, is this guy trying to be real? Did he really just say he was sorry for checking me out? For some reason that sounded more like an insult than a compliment.

“Then why don’t you just go away?” I crossed my arms, looking at him with both my eyes trying to look away.

He held my hand without my permission. “You need to stop being mean to yourself, putting yourself down like you’re nothing.” He smirked, “you just need to roll with it.”

Again, was that an insult? My body weight is nothing compared to lard-ass at home. Maybe I should get him to come my high school, he would love to be named every name under the sun.

“Um, why don’t you just go away?” I repeated myself, something I never thought I’d do in my life.

“You look mighty fine, and I know with a little training, we could make this work.” His smile was wider, and boy was he excited.

I pushed him into the lockers, and walked away with my head held high. As I headed towards my teacher’s room, he ran in front of me, and drooling boy wouldn’t leave me alone. His face still red, fading a little but not quite enough. I wish it would just fade away, he shouldn’t have feelings for me. He placed his hand over my face, and started talking like he knew me deep down.

“Lauren, you are a beautiful, I love you. I really love your face.” He tried not to stutter.

“You don’t get out much, do you?” I smirked behind his hand.

“Actually, I get out more than you, Lauren, I know all about the ins and the outs.” He moved his hand away from my face and tried to lean in to kiss me.

I backed away, I pushed myself against the lockers and tried to understand where I was. What part are we in? What relationship is this? Am I dreaming? Nothing made sense, and the more I thought about it, the more his two fat lips smudged together forming what he would call a ‘kiss’ – I moved away from him shuffling myself towards the exit doors.

“LAUREN, you are LATE.” A loud voice emitted from the halls, my teacher had found me.

The boy stopped following me, and just like that he was gone. My teacher watched me walk into the room with my head no longer held high, I was then called ‘ugly’ by a girl at the back of the room. She thought it was funny that I was late, and told me at the back of the room that I was more than ugly.

“Ha, you really need to wipe that makeup off your face, you look like a jackass.”

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t, I had so many friends around me, and they all looked at her with anger expressed on their faces.

- Tomorrow’s another day 

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