3. They Call Me Friend

O/ - Chapter Three - O/

They Call Me Friend

Yawn – I-I am awake early? No way, how could I have awoken so early? Is it possible that the bad day actually had a good reason to happen? Nah, that’s not possible, why would I have a better night’s sleep if all I could think of last night were the two bitches at the back of the room, they would never allow me to sleep. I usually remember myself being hurt, my feeling being pulled both ways.

Ugh, my eyes won’t even open properly, I remember the long night from last night, my own sister couldn’t put me to sleep. She usually could do this with her eyes closed, I would fall asleep whenever she attempts to sing in her room; not thinking anyone is listening to her bad voice. Sorry, but she can’t sing, and the sooner someone tells her that, the better nights we will all have without being put to sleep by her endless whining.

Odd, I don’t even remember dreaming, I guess it was just a dream of waking up early too. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing, did I even go to school yesterday? I don’t remember it, and my sister said nothing about me going to school last night. Not even my own stupid step dad could tell me that I had been to school, did I just dream the entire time? Like nothing happened between me and the other girls? I wasn’t called ‘ugly?’ Why do I feel like my feelings were hurt?

Mucus-Puke-Us had just awoken too, I guess today was just wake up early day, giving me a reason to actually question my own sleeping routine. God, and all the times I’ve been told to follow a routine, never once questioning whether the bullshit that my own parents tell me are actually just stupid rules made for stupid kids. My sister didn’t even come in to me, I just heard her wake up with her attempting to sing again. Does she always like to wake up to the sound of her own voice?

- 8:00 AM –

Who cares! Honestly, who actually cares about whether or not I go into school today? Nobody, the proof is all around me, my own family don’t want me to go. My sister would be happier if I stayed at home to annoy her like a pest I can be. My lard-ass step dad wouldn’t say anything; he would just be reading a newspaper downstairs without even thinking about whether or not I went to school today. The only one who would care is my mother, but she wouldn’t really want me to go, she loves me being around. I remember last night she told me how I was her favourite. Could that have been a dream? It felt so real, I loved that night- she told me how much I truly meant to her as her daughter.

- 8:30 AM –

Don’t matter, I’ve decided to go to school today. Nobody will care anyway; they will just be enjoying their own lives here. My friends will be happy to see me, I can just see it now; me, them, and the world around us. Maybe today is the day I find someone to actually love, it’s a day with me being confused in the middle. No wonder my sister didn’t wake me up, she didn’t have to, I got up earlier than her. I also decided to skip breakfast, I don’t need it when my own sister is singing upstairs. My excuse to not having anything to eat is going to be this: My own sister stopped me from having breakfast. It’s an excuse that needs a little work on it, I need to think about this more.

Like yesterday, Kimi was on my back, literally- she had returned from wherever she disappeared off to yesterday evening, and I was now carrying her on my back to school. Good friends, she loves me, I love her, how can we not spend time without each other? I wanted to ask her about the phone call we had, the one where she just left me with nothing. Not even a ‘goodbye’ – she just left me with no words, just a stupid sound that didn’t serve much purpose.

“Kimi?” I asked, holding her legs around my waist.

“Yeah?” She replied, then continued to talk over me; “don’t ask about that weird call he had the other day, it’s already forgotten, sis.”

“But…” my mouth just closed, I couldn’t even say what I wanted to.

“Shut-up, just be quiet will ya?” She joked, “sometimes you just need to respect the way I deal with things.”

“You were talking to a guy?” I hissed, wanting to cross my arms.

She tapped my shoulders, and treated me a little like a horse, as I felt her left foot dig into my hip.

“Lauren, I mean it, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Tell me, I just want to know why you ended the call so abruptly.”

“Lauren, I didn’t end the call.” She leant over my head, her face in my face- I almost dropped her from the increased weight she put on me.

“You did, you ended the call on me without even saying goodbye to me” I fell to the floor, not looking where I was going she toppled over me.

“Ugh, LAUREN, you just ruined my freaking new sneaks!” Her voice raised in volume. “If you were looking where you were going, maybe I wouldn’t have to tell you anything.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I crossed my arms, standing up before she could.

“You just annoy me sometimes, Lauren. You never ask about things that matter, who cares if I ended the call on you?” She sighed, “I did that so I wouldn’t have to talk to you any longer, me and this guy are really hitting it off. I don’t want you ruining it!”

Harsh, I couldn’t tell if she was just mad at me for dropping her on the floor. I could understand if I had really lay it down hard on her, but I didn’t, I just wanted answers. I thought it was a simple answer to a very simple question, but she wouldn’t tell me anything- she kept it quiet. She got up right after me, walking away from me even heading the wrong way. It’s like she didn’t care about us as friends anymore, she wasn’t even thinking straight, like leaving school to go meet someone else.

I couldn’t let her just walk away, throw away her education because of a guy that she thinks loves her for who she is. Kimi would always find herself in some crazy situations, I just never had the chance to ever fix them. It was never my role to fix her problems for her, I just needed to keep to myself, allow her some me time, but also give her some time to think about things. This time though? I had no idea what to do, I just wanted to let her walk away from me. Maybe it’s for the best.




Sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy – I just had to share with you another O M G moment! – Kim

Ooh, not finished yet,

He just asked me to spend the whole day with him!

I’m still invited to a party too, turns out you are also!

WOOOO HOOOO! Girlfriend, it’s me, you, and my bae!!

It’s going to be wild, but at the same time I sure hope you don’t RUIN things!

Love you Laura, you really help me you know that? X x x <3

Ugh, another photo attached to this text too? Who was she trying to fool with these texts? Me, or someone who had no brain to begin with? She had only just walked away from me; how could she have received all that information in just a few seconds? Does the guy really love her that much, so much that he comes across as a friend? No, they are just fooling around together, she has time with him, he has time with her. It can’t be a serious relationship.

This photo was more of a selfie, he sure loves to pose for the camera. It looks like a photo from yesterday, the same clothes she was wearing before. Today, she was in something that looked a little slutty. I’m sorry, but if you could have seen how short her shorts were, you’d be saying the same thing. Her hair looked beautiful today, yesterday I wasn’t sure which way the wind had blown on her.

Heading towards the school, I had a few thoughts in mind; ditch the school, who needs school? – Why not find your fuckbuddy? I didn’t think about it, I continued to walk towards the entrance. The same dude from yesterday drooling again, does he just like to drool on girls he likes? It’s weird, every time I think about the reason for why he drools so much, he just follows me more and more. Yesterday, I got more of a slight drool shower, today? I was expecting so much drool that I wouldn’t be able to spell the word salvia afterwards.

“Lauren? I can’t believe you are here so early” he looked so happy to see me, I couldn’t even look away.

“Yeah, I just thought why not, you know? I mean it’s still the same hours even if I am early.”

He laughed at me, “ha, yeah, kind of stay around longer. Lauren, is it because of me?” His funny look his eye, I couldn’t quite see whether he was being serious or not.

“No, I don’t really care if you are early or not, I just wanted to get here early. What’s the big deal?”

He sighed, “I-I, well, I just- I don’t know.” He walked away from me just like the way Kimi walked away from me. Only difference was that he looked nowhere near as hot as Kimi.


- 9:00 AM –

Nothing happened.

- 9:30 AM –

Lauren Tweeted: “Sick of school, always being followed by some drool stalker. Anyone else feel like they are being watched today?”

- 60 Retweets in just five minutes.

After spending some time on my IPhone, I just couldn’t make up my mind on whether I wanted to be here or not. Being early sucks, that drooling kid was right, I can never make the day feel shorter. Unless I made myself late again, but I’m kind of sick of facing a two-faced teacher who doesn’t even know how to hold up his own pants. Ever heard of a belt? He hasn’t, but I’ll never tell him about that as a whole lot of the girls really find him attractive for some reason. Me? I stare, but I don’t stare for as long as they do, he is just a punk-ass wannabe.

- 10:00 AM -

Didn’t even go to the beach today, it’s like my whole morning has just started off wrong. If I could pause any moment from today, it would have to be the moment when Kimi was on top of me. Something about that moment really sparked off something inside of me, a feeling I never quite knew I had for someone else. Drooling kid no longer in my moments, I don’t want him in my dreams. The teacher welcomed me into the room, the others followed in after me. Except the guys, they bumped us all to the side- they couldn’t wait to get into the room for some reason.

“Okay-“ he paused, looking right at me as I just didn’t want to take any notice. “Lauren? Early? Well, I am surprised, but again you still need to write out that essay.”

I shrugged, “yeah, I’ll work on it later today. Not really sure when it will be done, I guess Kimi can help me.”

“Ah, Kimi? Another girl I need to talk to after class, remind me, Lauren.” He smiled at the class.

“Sure, I’ll remind you, got nothing better to do” I sighed.

Author's Note: "Sorry everyone, I had written Chapter Three, but I never got around to finishing it due to some technical issues. I'll be fixing up this chapter- the missing parts, but for now, I hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow, I will be adding the next half to this. Don't expect another chapter until this chapter finished, thanks for all the love & support! I'm enjoying writing this, but there are a few things that I am not quite happy with. I'll have to fix more of the story at a later date. As I am already working on several chapters for other stories.

- Luke J.R

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