Ice heart

It's about a girl who gets bullied (and has powers)


2. ice thaws

"Ginger." "Yes Brody." "I was thinking Lou could stay at one of our houses?" "She can't stay at my house or my mom will kill me." "Ok I'll see you tomorrow." He walked to his house. When he got home he took Lou's frozen body into his room before his mom could even notice he was home, he wrapped her frozen body in fluffy warm blankets. "BRODY!!" "Coming mom!" He left his room. The ice around Lou's body started to drip. The next morning. "Ginger what are you doing in my room?!" "Your mom let me in. I have a better question, why is Lou's body in you closet?!" "My mom lives here to you know and I didn't want my bed to be cold! But why are you here?" "I wanted to go to the creek." "Okay meet me they're I have to get dressed."


"Where's Brody, I thought he would be here by now." Ginger said.


Brody walked over to the closet when he notice that the floor surrounding her was wet and when he touched her she was warm and no longer purple. He hurried over to the creek to tell ginger the news.

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