Ice heart

It's about a girl who gets bullied (and has powers)


1. frozen in ice

Lou, ginger, and Brody went to triangle creek. On the way they stopped for ice cream. Ginger saw 5 of the meanest kids in gold creek middle school. "Hey it's the 5 meanest kids in school." Ginger whispered. They walked faster to the creek. When they got there Ginger and Brody sat on a bench while Lou sat on the tier swing. "Hey Ginger Brody wanna play truth or dare." Lou said. "Yeah." Brody said. "Sure." Ginger said. "Truth or dare Brody." Said Ginger. "dare I guess..." Brody said. "I dare you to kiss Lou." Brody got off the bench and Lou got off the tier swing. As Brody leaned in to kiss her one of the mean kids pushed Lou down "yeah you think you can kiss anyone you want well your wrong Brody's mine" Lila the leader said. The four other boys with Lila grabbed Brody and Ginger "LET US GO!!!"Ginger screamed willing to do anything to save Lou. Ginger and Brody started kicking at the ones holding them. Lila grabbed Lou by the arm "OW!" Lou yelled loud. Lila couldn't stand everyone's loudness so she pushed Lou in the deep part for the creek."NO! YOU IDIOET WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!!" Ginger yelled. Ginger fell to her knees and cried in a ball. Brody still tried to get free by kicking. Finally he decided to punch his way free and it worked. He ran to the creek he started to walk in it even though it was freezing when he got to her he dragged her out of the water there was a thin layer of ice around her. He checked for a heart beat but he couldn't hear anything "S-she's g-gone..." Brody said as a tear ran down his face. He hugged her ice cold body.

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