Art with Artsie-Foxy {REQUESTS OPEN!!}

Hello everyone, for those of you who saw my first 'showcase' of art, this one should be better.....I hope....but I take requests, I love the challenge, just tag me in a picture with #DoitArtsie and if I decide to do it I'll leave it in here.
(Feel free to comment on my work, it helps, good or bad.)

Have a fabulous day~


14. My little NIGHTMARE

Ok, so I'm not appart of the MLP fandom, but I have been watching some of the creepypasta versions of it along with one called little miss rarity, (It's insane) so I got the idea to do it for my OC Okami Knight, (I made my OC because my friend wanted me to make her one as well) but that thing on the end of her chain is stuffed. 

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