Warning- This story isn't worth reading.


1. Unless

     It's true. You always ask yourself questions that would shock everyone else if you didn't keep it to yourself. I mean people are always struggling with emotions, but mine just take over. I'm a total softy and I hate. Why can't I just be this person who always has a blank face on and has no emotion? Just not care about anyone. You want to be this tough person who is this total badass, then you meet the special someone and fall in love. They sweep you off your feet and tell you they will be there forever. Then you tell them what is bothering and drop all this baggage on them and they feel to pressured to do something about and can't so they drop you on your ass. 

     Only in fairytales and story books for two year olds does everything end happily. Little kids sit in their tutus and tiaras and listen to stories about losing shoes before they go to bed. And once the book is over the child sits there and says 'That's what my life is going to be like when I'm sixteen. But then the sixteen year old child has pimples all over their face and eats lunch on the stairwell at school with a Nancy Drew book. Then an airhead senior jock walks by and kicks over your chocolate milk, which spills all over the steps and reminds you of thirteen year old you who was once in the same situation. Thirteen year old you always got in trouble for eating to fast and getting yelled at for eating to slow. You dreamed of becoming this famous person who would have everything, but then reality kicks you in the crotch.

     Then you come back to real life and decide to stand up to the air-head and tell them off. Which ends up sending you to the office with a black eye, bloody nose, and scratches and  bruises. Parents are called, detention slips are given and payback is talked. Parents ask what happened and you run to your room and listen to some spiritual music which gives you confidence and crawls onto the roof in the middle of the night and light a joint. You lay down and start thinking about your childhood and ask yourself why you dreamed of wanting to be a teenager and say you grew up to fast. But, atleast you are know able to drive and yet don't have a car. So, really your life sucks.

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