And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


7. Chapter Six

Fern's P.O.V
I woke the next morning with a stiff back from laying on the hard ground for so long. I groaned as i slowly sat up and stretched my arms above my head arching my back. (A/N: is it just me but is the best time to stretch is in the morning, its like so nice! Sorry had to say that) i rose of the ground and walked around a bit staying close to my bag. "Hey" i heard Kyle's deep voice grumble from behind me, i turned around and looked at him "hey" i said wearily watching him closely. "Where are you headed?" Kyle asked, his voiced sounded so deep and yet so smooth, it was so nice to listen to. Pulling myself out of my thoughts i snapped my eyes up to meet his gaze and pondered his question "Im not really sure where I'm going, my plan was just to get as far away from my pack as possible, I'm not really sure what I'm going i do from here" i said honestly while turning away and shrugging my shoulders slightly. "you don't know what your going to do from here" he said incredulously "who the hell runs away from their pack without a damn plan!" Kyle said raising his voice slightly in shock. I looked at him for a second "so what pack are you from?" I said changing the subject, "that is none if your concern" he said firmly as he quickly turned away from me and started walking away. As i watched him walk away this strange need to be close to him washed over me. Every bone in my body yearned for him. As i continued to watch him leavdmy wolf started to shout at me "move your ass and get him you idiot" she said in disbelief "why should i do that" i replied slightly annoyed by the fact she was trying to boss me around "BECAUSE HE'S OUR MATE!!" she screamed in reply. My eyes widened in realisation as i let the information sink in. I stood frozen and then took off running after him. I ran faster then i had ever run before pushing myself to the limits. If he was my mate i couldn't loose him... plus he had my bag... which had my food.
(A/N: that moment when you want your food so much you will even run for it... if your like me and are not sporty at all.) 
I kept running until i found his scent again and and stopped to catch my breath before running again. Finally i saw him about one hundred metres away, i slowed down to a jog and made my way towards him "KYLE" i called out. I watched him as he turned around his eyes filled with shock and happiness. I went from a jog to a run as he saw me with a smile on my face, something i hadn't had in a long time. One we reached each other he wrapped his arms around my waist and....

Kyle's P.O.V
I walked away from Fern ignoring the pain it caused and constant screams from my wolf begging me to go back to her. On i walked until she could no longer see me, i took off running as fast as my legs could take me. After i felt there was a safe distance between Fern and I slowed my pace to a fast walk. I walked lost in thought and it wasn't until i heard my name that i realized didn't know where i was...

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