And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


8. Chapter Seven

Kyle's P.O.V

I slowly turned around to face to owner of the voice, only to be met by the one person i was running from... Fern. Why did she follow me? Inside my heart was leaping in joy, but i new we shouldn't be around her, she was from the Silver Moon Pack, i wad from the Silver Fire Pack, were rival packs. Our Alphas hate each other. There was no way we would ever be allowed to be together. It didn't help that i was the Alpha's son, i was supposed to follow the rules, set an example for the young ones. I was the only one in my pack without a mate yet (except for the ones that were to young to find theirs of course). 

I watched her closely as she walked closer, with every step she took my heart beat harder against me chest, the sound echoing through my head. I watched her she started to run towards me, pure excitement visible on her face. She must have found out i was her mate. Just the realization of what had happened made my wolf jump for joy. "Go to her!" He screamed as we watched her, i could feel my wolf pushing for control because i refused to listen to him.

Finally my wolves screams for control became to much, making me let down the wall holding him back. My wolf rushed forward taking over, he opened up his arms allowing Fern to jump into them. He wrapped my arms aroubd her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck, as my wolf swung her around in a circle. When we came to a stop my wolf and i just stared into her eyes, getting lost amongst all the colours. Holding her in my arms, holding her so close, looking into her eyes felt so right, never have i felt so happy until now. 

I watched her as she smiled at me leaning her head aginst mine, i loved how she was so confident, i loved that feel of power that radiated off of her. I loved her, i know i only just met her but i was falling for her fast. It tore me appart to walk away from her before. Its true i was in love with her. 

I looked into her eyes as she lowered her lips until they were just millimetres from mine, and just as i was about to close the distance i heard a growl making my wolf suddenly look up and pull away from Fern. I pushed my wolf back and pulled up the wall, only wanting to bring him out against i absolutely had to.

I looked around searching for the threat, i looked around until my gaze settled on Alpha Thomas from the Silver Fire Pack. He was one of the most feared Alpha's around, no one dared go against him if they were to meet him, unless you were from my pack of course. "Step away from my daughter" his voice rumbled through the trees echoing through the forest. I stepped back from Fern looking from her to Thomas and back again "he's your dad!" I asked my voice rasing slightly as i watched for her reaction "haha yeah about that, i was seriously going to tell you, i was just scared about how you would react. I know your from the Silver Moon Pack so it's kinda an awkward situation" she replied quietly with a hint of desperation surfacing in her voice as she looked at me. 

"Fern come here now! We are going home, and this boy will be punished for taking you!" Her father said spitting out the word boy. 

Fern's P.OV

"Fern come here now! We are going home, and this boy will be punished for taking you!" My father said spitting out the word boy like it was a crime to say. "No i am not going with you, i ran away, Kyle did not take me, he saved me from rogues, that boy is my mate!" I replied my voice was clear and my gaze unwavering as i met my father's stare dead on. I was not the least bit intimidated by the fact that his tall 6'4 figure towered over my average 5'8 figure. I looked up at him refusing to look away i will not bow down to him, i will not be ruled by his descisions again! "Fern you will come with me, i don't care if i have to drag you kicking and screaming, you will come back with me" my father replied, his voice was low and threatening but still i refused to give in. "No i will not, i don't care if i have to fight you, i will not be locked away inside everyday of my life anymore, you have kept me away from everyone, NO ONE EVEN KNEW I FUCKING EXISTED! how is that an acceptable life for the ALPHA'S daughter, i should be allowed to go outside like everybody else!" I said i was beyond angry by now "i don't care if i die trying i WILL be allowed to leave this pack, i can't even understand why i had to be your daughter, anyone else would have accepted me for me, yes im difderent from everybody else, yes all of the wolves in every pack are black or brown and mine is white with grey feet, who gives a FUCK! you should be happy to have me as your daughter not ashamed! What did i do to deserve YOU as my father!" by the time i had finished my speech my father stood there in shock, he was frozen unsure of how to respond. I watched as his mouth opened and closed as he stared at me, i narrowed my eyes waiting for something, anything that would make me want to stay but i was sorely disappointed. "That's what i thought, if you really loved me you would have know exactly what to say" i said quietly as i turned around to face Kyle and then started walking away from my father, no i was walking away from Alpha Thomas, he no longer deserves to be called my father!

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