And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


2. Chapter One


Fern's P.O.V
"Fern come down stairs, breakfast is ready!" my father shouted as he poked his head around my door 
"ugh dad it's not even seven yet. It's to early to start the day" I whined as i pulled the blankets over my head. 
"Come on sleepy head rise and shine" he said pulling the blankets off the bed 
"why do you have to be a morning person" I mumbled while rolling onto my stomach and buring my head into my pillow. 

All of a sudden I felt myself being picked up and thrown over someones shoulder. I looked up to see my brother with a smirk on his face as he walked down the stairs purposely hitting my head against the wall. 
"Hey could you put me down Jake i think i can walk on my own" I said in could feel the blood rushing to my head making it feel all weird
"yeah sure" Jake said, I could hear the smirk in his voice as he walked into the kitchen and then dropped me making me land on my back on the kitchen floor. "Ughh when I can get up you better run for your fucking life and life and prey I don't kill you!" I said a small smile coming to my lips as I cocked my head slightly to the side while looking him dead in the eye 
"Fern if you hurt your brother your doing three laps of the house" (oh dear god exercise in the morning, father must know it's my weakness... that and food but you know who dosen't love food?) 
"Uh fine Jake your safe for today" I groaned while trying to stand up, my back hurt like a bitch. 

I stood up and looked around the kitchen excited only to be left dissapointed when I saw no food. "DAD WHERE'S MY FOOD!?!?!' I shouted
"well its in the loungeroom of course" dad said as he walked towards his office. I ran to the lounge and saw four plates of food the first had bacon the second had toast the third had pancakes and the last was piled with fruit. You know those moments when you feel like your in heaven? Well this is that moment...(if only I could feel like this all the time) I grabbed my plate from the kitchen and started pilling up my plate with one piece of bacon (I only got one because I could tell my brother cooked it becasue it was all pretty much just black inedible bits of bacon) two pieces of toast three pancakes (A/N it feels like i'm writing a part from The Very Hungry Catapiller :D) and an assortment of fruits. I sat down on the sofa as my father walked out of the house saying he had Alpha buisness to deal with. 

My father was always busy doing Alpha stuff or training my brother. He only ever had time for me in the mornings when he wakes me up for breakfast before he leaves. He refuses to train me becasue he dosen't want me to get hurt or people to see me and because I don't have a mate to protect me from danger, but what he dosen't realise is that without training I'm in so much more danger. He dosen't even let me leave the house. Yeah you might be thinking why don't you just leave when he's not there. Well I've tried he had guards posted at every exit in the house even outside windows. It's not fair that my brother gets to have all the fun while im stuck here. I don't even have any friends to talk to because I can't go outside to meet them. My life is hell. I live by the same routine day in and day out. Eat, watch tv, eat, read, eat and sleep. When will my bordem end and my life begin?

*Time skip to the next day*

Fern's P.O.V
Yet another day in hell... except somethings different. I look at the time and realise it's 10:30 AM why didn't dad wake me up? I walk down stairs and into the kitchen and see some bacon and eggs on toast sitting on the bench with a note next to it. I walked over to the bench and picked up the note.

To Fern, 
Your brother and I have gone out to do some training and then we are going to sort out some things with the pack. We won't be back until around 11PM so don't wait up for us.
- From Alpha

Gee nice to know. Not only will I be alone but I'm alone for the entire day, I should be used to it by now but it still hurts. I ate my breakfast and walked back up to my room and lay down on my bed trying to think of anything I could do today that I don't usually do but nothing came to mind. There was nothing interesting to do in this house. I looked out my window to see to young boys wrestling in the grass laughing as they rolled around while the little girls standing to the side cheard. I laughed quietly and wished i could be out there. I haven't set foot outside since i was eight. That was nine years ago now. Nine years of being stuck in this shit hole.

I looked out my window again but this time I looked down at the guards standind a few metres below the window. My mind was set, I'm going to escape today and no one can stop me. I walked over to my cupboard and grabbed my bag (its just a small hiking bag from when i was younger) and walked into my bathroom. I grabbed everything i would need if I got injured and i got my hair brush to. I went back to my cupboard and got a pair of black skinny jeans that were made with a stretchy material so I could run in them, a black crop top and my denim jacket with my black converse.

I grabbed all of my money wich was about $600 and around four days worth of food. I was about to go up to my room again when I realised that if I got attackd i wouldn't have anything to defend myself with so I grabbed two medium sized knives from the kitchen and put them in my bag. I looked around taking one last look at the house before quietly opening the window and climbing onto the ledge. I grabbed onto the piller on the side of my window and used that to help me pull myself up onto the roof. Carefully taking one step at a time I came to the part of the roof that had a tree just below it.

I knew that if I dropped my self down onto the branch just below the edge of the roof then I was free from there on. Looking around the making sure no one was coming I sat on the edge of the roof and placed my feet on the branch while turning a round so my stomach was facing the roof. I lowered my self down so that I was sitting on the branch and just sat there for a bit. I knew I was safe because the leaves were surrounding me, even I could only just see. I moved my position so I could continue climbing down the tree and made my way down the branches. On the last branch I jumped to the ground and landed perfectly on my feet, I didn't even stumble a bit. 

I smiled to myself and kept on walking. Oh how I had missed the smell of the trees and flowers and the feel of the sun on my arms and the feel of the wind against my skin. I walked quickly but not to quickly because I knew I would draw attention if I didnt walk the right way. I made sure most of my skin was covered so people wouldnt notice my pale skin and ask questions and walked through the people because I was the only wolf know to be pale... actually only three people knew about me... mum,dad and Jake. I looked around and saw everyone except the young children had mates, everyone except me. Even my brother has one. Although I haven't met her yet becasue no one other than me my father and my brother are allowed in the house because I am not to be seen. Father isn't ready for people to know that his daughter is so different from everyone else. He thinks people won't want him to be the Alpha if they saw me. 

I kept walking until I came to the edge of the forest. 

I sat in the tree looking down atbmy mother. She was losing so much blood. Tears ran down my face as I looked at her. I sat there looking at her as the men that shot her just stood there waiting for her to die. She looked up at me whining slighyly at the pain it caused her to move and looke me in the eye and whispered into mind "I found you" with that said her eyes closed and her body went limp as she took her last breath

End of flashback

I hadn't noticed the tears running down my cheeks until I felt something drop onto my hand. I looked down an saw tear. I wiped my eyes and looked up and sarted walking a new determination rising in me. I mot only wanted to escape and be free but I wanted to walk into these woods and prove that goods things can happen here as well.

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