And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


9. Chapter 8

Kyle's P.O.V

I watched as Fern stood up to her father telling him how she felt, i was pretty damn surprised to say the least when i found out she was Alpha Thomas's dauhter, we were both the children of Alpha's, what made it worse was that both of our packs hated each other AND to add to that we were mates.

After Fern turned away from her father she looked at me her eyes searching mine looking for something, and then walked away. I watched her retreating figure and immediately followed, i will not allow her to get away from me again. "Fern are you ok?" I asked as i walked by her side, i walked silently waiting for a reply, a reply that never came, i looked at her expectantly, but i soon became worried, my mate was sad i needed to comfort her. I stopped and grabbed her arm forcing her to face me. "My father dosen't care about me, he dosen't care that I'm leaving. The only reason he came looking for me was because he was worried people would find out i was his kid and that it would ruin his reputation because people would know his child was different to everyone else" i listened intently as she spoke not wanting to miss anything. "You don't need him, yes he's a big stuck up egotistical prick and he can deffinetly change the way he treats people, but i know that deep down he does love you he just dosen't know how to show it, I'm here for you if you need me, i will always be here for you" i said determined to show her how much she meant to me.

I looked at her taking, in all of her features thinking what have i done to deserve someone so amazing and beautiful. I watched as her lips turned up into a small smile taking in my words "thankyou Kyle that means a lot to me" was all she said, i loved the way my name sounded when she said it, it made my heart miss a beat. I honestly can't believe she is mine. I just smiled in return. I took a step closer to her closing the distance between us and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her towards me she was flush against my chest, i could feel her heart speed up as we felt the effects of being this close to each other. I leant down and rested my head against hers and stared into her eyes "so do ya wanna finish what we started" i asked a small smile forming on my lips as she looked up at me.

Fern quickly noded in response. I took no time to close the distance. Our lips collided, my rough lips moved forcefully against her soft ones as we struggled to satisfy our need for each others love. The need to be close to each other. I was forced back to the moment when Fern deepend the kiss by forcing my lips apart with hers, i shivered in delight as i felt her tounge explored every crevice of my mouth and soon battling with my tounge for dominance. Never had i come across a girl that took control... but i soon discovered i loved it.

I moved my hands down to her thighs and lifted her wrapping her legs around my waist not once breaking the kiss. Backing us up so her back was pressed against the tree allowing me to roam my hands over her body. I loved every inch of her the small curves of her hips the way her spine stuck out because of how skinny she was. The was honestly nothing about her i could dislike. I smiled into the kiss, happy i had finally found my mate. The one person on this Earth that was made only for me, the onw person i could not live without and that person was Fern.

Coming back to the moment i realised that my shirt wad now gone and i was unbuttoning hers, how did i not realise what was happening. I pulled away from her and stared into the beautiful colourful eyes of hers and smiled. "As much as i would love to continue this i don't think now is the right time... and i would rather we did this in a more romantic way... not that im complaining of course" i said a smirk rising to my lips. "Yeah i think your right" she said as she slowly unwrapped her legs from around my waist and stepped back from me whilst buttoning up her shirt. I just smiled in return pulling my own shirt back over my head. Wondering how on Earth i was lucky enough to be gifted with this amazing women as my mate.

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