Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


3. What he Decides is Breath taking from a guy anyways!!!

                 Diego saw me in the lingerie and he was shocked. you would think that he would decide oh since she's almost fully naked lets have sex. No, Diego decided lets go on your bed locked the door and make out and we can just have a fun little naked make out session. I would think he would've decided that. no he wanted me to put my clothes back on and then put just a big shirt on which he meant by his and have him keep his tank top on and then we make out. I was still really happy that that's all he wanted to do. That's how I know that he's a gentleman he's not the kind of guy that's going to rush right into things. He's the type of guy that will wait until I know that I want it and that he wants it too. So, then I put on his shirt and went and locked the door as he laid on his back and then I went up to him and I crawled right on top of him.


                      As I began to make out with him. He said to me:

           "Fuck it take off my shirt since you have a bra and underwear on!!"

    "Ok than." I said with a smirk. I took his shirt off really fast since he had to leave at 10:30 and it was 9:35 already so we have to start. that sounds weird we have to start making out since he has to leave. Like what the hell.

                           Then after 5 minutes of stripping my shirt and his jacket and his tank top. I started to kiss him even more than ever with anybody else. We were 15 minutes into it. I was ready for anything to happen now. but, I mean I had to have him be extremely ready since he never had his first kiss which I think is a lie. That means he's never had sex and I know that that's not a lie because, he told me that he's never had sex and I asked his friends and his mom and his brother that he tells everything to. I was actually so into making out with him right now it was just amazing. If you know what I mean!!



"Hey Diego can we remove my bra if u don't mind and ill put your shirt back on?" I asked.


"How about you just take off your bra and then I'll lose my shirt." He stated.


"Ok fine with me." I said.


                             He than removed my bra and I removed his shirt. I was just dead when I saw his abs and his tattoos that I've seen in pictures. I love him so much right now that you have no idea. I just wanted to stay in this moment forever. So, instead of him going to school he called his mom and said

                     "can I stay at my friends house all day her cat passed away and she just moved here so can I please stay with her and help since she's really upset and her mom needs a lot of muscle for heavy lifting. Plus, there's no big game today so please!!"


               "Ok fine but if they need any help today text me or call me so that I can come over and help!! I call the school now and tell them you will be absent today because you have a blood drive your participating for at your moms job." She explained.


    "Thank you so much mom.Bye" He explained.


         He than hung up and he gets to stay here all day so that we can make out until 11 and then we can help my mom clean and put everything to the way it should be and go shopping and than put my hang out room together with the stuff that we will buy. I have a car so my mom will go for her job interview and then I will go shopping with Diego.




                 Anyways me and Diego were still going and it was 10:50 already. So, we got up and we started to change into our clothes again and I put on my clothes from before and my socks that I had out to. I got everything together and I had my things put back into the box and put my boxes in the places that I have to put them in later on. I had like 5 shoe boxes. Then I had 15 boxes of clothes plus 5 boxes of dresses and skirts and dressy stuff. Than I had 3 boxes for my hair stuff and my makeup stuff. Then my bathroom supplies there were 3 boxes also. And so on and so forth.





                  Then when we were done doing that we went downstairs. Before we went downstairs Diego turned me around spinned me around and then dunked me and kissed me. Then we walked downstairs to see if my mom needs help with anything. Which I know that her answer is going to be obviously.





What will my mom think me and Diego were doing?


What will she ask me??


What will Diego tell her??


Hopefully my mom remembers him from 3 years ago.





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