Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


2. The Next Morning!!

                              I woke up and thought about if I should tell my only friend at the school that I moved here and im going to this school. Now, by the way the guy that I'm talking about I will mention later because, I don't want to tell anybody about him yet until I actually tell him about me moving here. Then, I noticed that I got a message from him and it said:


D: hey babe how are you?

S: hey im good!! :(

D:whats wrong?

S: ive been wanting to tell you something?

D:ok what is it?

S:Can you come to this address right now?

    244 Miami Road

D:Yeah I'll come now I don't have to go to school until 10;30 anyways. But why this address you live somewhere else?

S: can you just come in like 25 minutes. Please!!

D: Yeah give me and hour so I can take a shower and get ready and do my daily routine ok babe.

S: Ok I just really need to tell you this it's really important? I hope your happy about it too!!

D: I just wish that you could be here with me and go to my school with me?

S: I wish too. Maybe this will help.

*I sent him a picture of me outside by my poolside*

D: damn are you and I gonna get in that soon together?

*He sent me a picture of him biting his lip*

S: Go get ready so I can get ready to lol.




We stopped texting and I was prepared for this to happen but I don't know if he's going to be happy or not?




*35 minutes went by of putting the kitchen together and then my bathroom together and then picking the color I wanted for my bathroom.*


Then I got a text message

D: Hey I'm coming now since my coach wants me to go to school early for a meeting.
S: Ok no problem just make sure you have the right address:

    244 Miami Drive

D: Yep I'm all good I'm on my way now! see ya soon babe!


I'm nervous about telling him im living here now. What if he's not gonna be happy or he's just gonna be mad at me. I didn't choose this I chose to be at a place where I can stay and I can stop moving everywhere. I just want to stay in one place not go to multiple places again like ive been doing.


D: Almost there!! 10 minutes away.

S: Ok cant wait.


I'm so shaking I have to fix my hair and my makeup. I have to look good. so, I put on some eye shadow and put on a nude lip-gloss and I fixed my curls again. It only took me 8 minutes. so, I put on my black vans and I went downstairs and went outside and waited for D. I couldn't believe that I was actually about to see him after 3 years. I know he has pink hair now. I just think it looks hot as fuck. But in person its probably better in person. I'm so fucking nervous.


I saw a car pull up to my house and I saw pink hair too. I'm so fucking nervous you have no idea. I then stood there looked and knew it was him so I looked away. Then I heard someone say:


"Sirena. Is that you babe!"

I turned around and I saw him Diego my baby online relationship boyfriend. I'm so happy that I decided to do this now than later.

I than saw him walking towards me so I decided to run to him and I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around him and I just didn't want to let go of him. I wanted to stay in this moment forever. I then moved my head and looked at his face with his smooth pink lips with his black lip ring. I wanted to kiss him. He then said to me still holding me:

"What do you have to tell me?"

"Put me down and I can show you."

He laughed and then he put me down. I grabbed his hand and I brought him into my house. to my room specifically.

"Why are we here?"

"Diego I just moved here yesterday and I'm staying here from what I know and I'm living here until the end of high school and maybe college if my mom keeps the job she has and they don't move her again." I explained happy/sad at the same time.

"Sirena why do you look sad about this?" Diego asked me.

'Because----------- because I'm afraid that your gonna hate me and think that I moved here because, your here and I want us to be together for real. I just don't know why I'm thinking that but I guess that I am because your the popular guy in........................................................." I was explaining but was interrupted by Diego kissing my lips with his soft smooth ones. It felt amazing with his lip ring on my lips. I love him with all of my heart.


"Why did you do that Diego??" I questioned.

"Why was it to soon was it horrible? Are you dating someone else? I'm sorry I shouldn't have I'm so sorry S............................................................................" He kept going so I stopped him and kissed him.


"No it was fine I was just shocked I thought that since your the popular kid you would be with the head cheerleader or someone else that's popular in school." I said and than I kissed him even more cause I loved it so much plus that was my first kiss to be honest.


"Sirena was that your first kiss?" Diego asked.


"Don't laugh but yeah it was!" I exclaimed as I got up walking into my closet.


"No it's fine it was my first kiss too." He said all ashamed he didn't do it before.


Then he got up and came up behind me in my closet and hugged me from behind and just started to kiss my neck a lot. I wanted him badly right here right now. But, I know that he couldn't since he had to be at school at 10:00 for a meeting.


"Hey babe I'm not going to school early for a meeting with coach I am going to stay here with u I just wanted to see you and talk to you for a while that's why I came so early. I needed to see you to ask you something really important. It just couldn't be over the phone." Diego said as he backed up and pulled out a bunch of roses and had people in the back of him with posters that said will you be my girlfriend in real life not over the internet?

I looked at him and started to cry as I said yes a thousand times yes. I would love to. I went to him and kissed him and I just couldn't believe  that this is actually happening to me right here right now. I love Diego so much. Then everybody went away and me and Diego were in my closet alone and we locked it. I then went and I acted sexy walking away into the bathroom for a good reason. I then looked at Diego and said:

"Come on big boy!!"

He bit his lip and walked over to me.

"Oh My God Babe Your fucking Sexy!!" Is all Diego could say because, now I was in this:

Diego's mouth just dropped to the floor. I was ready to have Diego and ready to be his for the night.









What will he do??


Will we have sex??


Will he just want to make out?


What is Diego going to say and/or do to me??


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