Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


5. Sisters Thoughts!!

                  Now my sisters are almost home. We need to get all of the rest of the things back together. For the dining area and the living room. So, we began to do the living room and my mom did the dining area.


Part of the kitchen:



Living Room (took us 15 minutes):



Dining Room:



We were all done so I went upstairs and changed just my shirt and shoes into this:




        When I went upstairs Diego followed me. I went into my closet and began to pick what I wanted to wear and started to take off my shirt. Than Diego came up behind me and he hugged me. He decided that he wanted to have a make out session. But, I said to save that for tonight I mean since he is sleeping over. He just backed away and said fine by me. LOL!! But, than all of a sudden I heard the door the front door actually open. So, I decided to grab Diego's hand and go downstairs before anybody came inside. My mom was doing the kitchen still so we went in there and helped out my mom so that she could finish. I knew how the kitchen had to go so I was ready for anything. Then I saw my sisters walk in. I was scared of what they would think about me and Diego dating and just Diego in general.



                                I went to the door and helped them as Diego helped my mom and helped with the kitchen table setting and everything that goes onto it too. He was being really helpful. I mean it was only 12:30pm so it wasn't to late. Anyways I was ready for what they were going to say about Diego and his hair and piercings and hopefully they won't be able to see his tattoos yet. My sister that loves country walked in her name is Samantha. My other sister that loves to shop and everything walked in also her name is, Madison. Than my two dogs named: Cooper (my golden retriever) and Nina (german shepard hound mix)








           I was ready to see my sisters though aka not really. LOL just kidding. I saw they needed help so I went out and helped carry bags into the house and I was really excited that we were staying in this house I'm pretty sure and hoping that we are!! My mom said that she wants to stay here and she wants to keep the job that she went for. I hope that she got it so that we can stay here for sure.



*25 minutes later*


I went to my mom and put everything away into the fridge and the cabinets and everything else where it had to go. then I went to my mom and asked her about her job interview today.


"Hey mom so what happened at the interview??" I asked.


"Oh about that sweetie I.... I........I............................................I got it!!" My mom said nervously.


"Oh my god so that means that we can stay here for a while. And by that I mean forever." I said in excitement and hugged her with a warm tight hug with Diego and Madison and Samantha following and we had a group hug.


Then we all got our stuff ready for our parts of the rest of the house and everything in the backyard and all of it. I decided to go with Diego to his house to get his stuff for tonight and maybe this weekend.


"Hey mom can Diego stay here the rest of the weekend he wants to help us with the house and have a house warming party for us if it's ok with you. not right away anyways but to have a house warming party so that we can have it like in 3 months or so." I said.


"Yeah he can sleep over for the weekend to but in the hang out room not your room. Tonight he can stay in your room but the weekend he has to stay in the hang out room. K." My mom answered and I nodded in agreement. I was so happy and ready for tonight.


So me and Diego went to his house to get his stuff. But before we went into his room he brought me by his mom and dad and I was scared to meet them even though they know me from when they met me three years ago.


"Hey mom hey dad do you remember Sirena." Diego said as he unveiled me.


"Oh My Goodness Sirena how have you been its been forever." His mom asked me.


"I'm good how are you?" I said. We talked for about 15 minutes and then I went upstairs and we got Diego's stuff together. But when I walked into his room I went straight to his computer. I noticed that he had a picture on his desk the only picture that was there in his room besides posters. It was me and him when we saw each other for the first time in person and I mean 3 years ago. I loved it I've never seen that picture before. I than put it down and went and laid on his bed and it was so comfy I was excited for us to spend sleepless nights here in his bed and have an amazing time with each other very soon. But what Diego doesn't know is that my one friend kind of took my virginity she ate my pussy and fucked me with a dildo. It was awkward because I was drunk and she forced me to do it. Guess what guys I'm lying lol. If that really happened Diego would be the first to know anyways. As I was laying on his bed he came by me and went on top of me but I was kind of happy because, I wanted him to fuck me already I've been waiting 6 fucking years for it. I started to talk to him in 2010. I've been ready and waiting. But when he crawled on top of me he gave me a bag with presents in it. He always us e to send me letters and presents for my birthday and for Christmas. But never the big ones because, he wanted to give those to me in person. I obeyed that respectfulness. So I waited for them and now I finally have them. I decided to open the one that had Number 1 written all over it first lol.


I opened it and it was a bunch of band merch for Black Veil Brides. Plus, It was in this batman bag anyways:



Then the next one was a matching onsie of a panda bear:



The next one was really big. I opened it and it was a makeup and hair traveling case:



The next one was small enough as a box for a necklace or a bracelet or a ring. I opened it to reveal matching necklaces that read her one on one and the other said his only on another one:



This is the one before the last one. I opened it and it was in a cardboard box. I was afraid but excited to know what it was going to be. I opened the box and it was what I always wanted a family of panda bears but there was more than just that:



The other thing that was in with the pandas was another box of stuff. Which was a straightening iron, curling iron and another jewelry box that I opened and it was a note inside that said for every date we go on make yourself look beautiful but you don't need makeup or to do your hair for that. You are perfect the way you are. But then I moved that note and there was a ring that said your heart and his necklace said you carry my heart with you:




Curling Iron:



The last one was an envelope and it was the most recent I could tell. I opened it and it was meet and greet passes and tickets for an Andy Black concert. Also, a contest that Diego won to hang out with him before and after his concert for the whole day. I was screaming like a puppy dog.




I got up and Diego looked at me and hugged me and kissed me. I was so happy and so fucking excited for Andy lack's concert it was tomorrow. I can't wait Oh My God. I have to find out what I'm going to wear for the concert. LOL.





                    Me and Diego went back to my house and we went into my room and we got settled we ate already we got changed and we were ready to go to sleep. I had Diego sleep in my bed cause I love him and I need him at my side at all times. I love him and I will never stop until I die.





What will happen tomorrow??


What is going to happen at the concert and the hang out with Andy?


I'm scared what will I wear?






We will find out next chapter tomorrow!!




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