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1. the offer

I was hanging out with my friends at the beach and they all went swimming but , i didnt follow them since i suck at swimming so i took a walk by myself , and it all got interesting when i saw an old boat i had alot of questions but i couldn't help myself, i had to see whats in there. Once I got inside I saw a dead body, it looked like it had been there for a while. I truly didn't know what to do or say. I was completely taken over by shock. Cold hard goose bumps ran up and over my body.i didn't know what to do or say . I ran out of that place i was scared to death i reached to my bag i got my phone i called the police and when they came, there was no ship, no body, no one i couldn't believe it it was either i was going insane and seeing things or, someone is messing with my head,As I walked back to the beach I couldn't stop thinking about that dead body, how did that person die, were they murdered. So many questions kept running in and out of my head that I didn't notice I walked into a tree.

I sat under that tree wondering what to do next? should i get back to my life and live it normally and forget about all this, so i just did that and i let things be, i was probably seeing things anyways, so i went home and i slept for a bit since i was tired it was along day. I woke up at the middle of the night  to see that person, standing in the middle of my room. Just looking at me. Eyes black as the twilight night. I was frozen. Stone cold. he said" hey Simon ,how you doing, your room is real cute , you got all these gay covers. for now Simon you and me are gonna play a little game if you win that game i will let you in on a little secret it will change your life,up to you i can go and you wont see or hear of me again, but you are  a special kid Simon or els i wouldn't be here. what do you say play my game? or live  a boring life you know you don't want , listen man before you freak out and say get out get out or some shit  I'm gonna go,but you know what. I will give you time to think about it, and when you feel like you have an answer i will be there, and just like that in a blink he was gone, i couldn't believe any of it, this time i know i am not hallucinating, what i saw is real and i know it,i couldn't tell if i was dreaming or not so i had to know, i slapped myself and i woke up , i felt a huge relief since i wasn't going nuts .I went to the toilet to take a bath and get ready to go to work, i was getting off then i saw something carved on my door it said "you weren't dreaming".

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