Being Human

They're outcasts with a secret. Luke is a vampire. Calum is a werewolf. Michael is a ghost. Ashton is a sorcerer who time travels. They find themselves all living under a single roof. Four unlikely people come together and form a bond. Trying to live normal lives even though they're anything but normal. It really sucks trying to be human when you're not human.


3. Chapter 3 : Ashton Irwin

A sorcerer that time travels. Once you've settled down from laughing, I'll continue. I don't have all day. Well I do but I'm scheduled to have tea with Queen Elizabeth the first. After that, I need to go back to the old west and have a duel with One-Eyed Owen.

I found out about my time traveling when I was 12. I had a report on

I'm also a sorcerer. A magician, a witch, a wizard whatever you call it. I do not have a wand like Harry Potter nor I do wear a purple cloak with yellow stars and a matching hat. I wear regular clothes.

I found out about my magic powers after my mom died. The old man walked out of my life before I was born. When my mom died I was looking through a box that she inherited to me. I found a ring.

It was gold and had small diamonds encrusted in the band. Whether they're real or fake, I don't know. There was a green gem in the middle of it. Immediately, I slipped it on my finger.

After various digging and finding an old stuffed teddy bear I thought was thrown into a fire (don't ask) I came across a letter. It was addressed to me. My mother's handwriting was printed across the creme colored paper. I opened the letter and read.

My dear Ashton,

With you finding this it means I am in grave danger or deadI have been hiding something from yousomething that I should have told youBut I knew you weren't readyWith me goneyou're gonna have to protect yourself.

Ashtonyou possess great power that people will come to youwanting to steal itYour time traveling gift is one thingbut it's not enough. You must learn to bring out that power and use it for your own good and protectionYou are very powerful and you are a strong soulI know you will be able to do this.

1163 Spyglass St.

Go hereask for PhineasHe will help you and he will know what to doTrust himhe knows what he's doingI love you very much AshtonTake careplease.

Love alwaysmom

So I went to Salem, found the antique store and also found Phineas. He was a really weird dude who wore glasses like John Lennon and always had a brass peace sign hanging around his neck.

I told him who I was and immediately brought me in for a hug. And that's how it began. He explained that I was a sorcerer and how my mother was one of the most powerful sorceress of all time.

We started practicing every day. He taught me about spells and herbs and survival skills. He showed me how to channel my power using the ring my mother had left for me. Dude even taught me how to fight!

I could do all sorts of stuff with my magic. It's quite amazing. I found Calum first. I was having a casual stroll through the woods that do happened to be on a full moon.  I heard agonizing screams and of course, like a good citizen, I rushed to see if anyone was hurt.

I saw Calum transforming. He was buck ass naked and was hunched over, his hands digging into the soil. After that passed, what was standing in Calum's place was a huge black wolf the size of a truck. His brown eyes gleamed violently at me. I remember him lunging at me. I was quick to magnify a protective force field around me. The werewolf simply bounced off.

The next morning I found him laying in a pile of leaves. I told him that I knew he was a werewolf. Weird first words but I didn't want to say, "Hey! I'm a sorcerer and you're a werewolf! Also, I saw your dong, let's be friends!"

We all eventually found our way to each other. Trying to live a normal life under the Boston sky.

I'm Ashton Irwin and I am a sorcerer who time travels.

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