Silverchair - Ziall

C'mon, abuse me more I like it....

C'mon keep talking 'cause it's true....

Niall grew up different. He was often given names like a freak or a psycho for his obsession with things like pain and gore.

He wasn't like the other kids, he loved getting hurt.

Niall never understood his obsession with pain, he liked to hurt himself with lighters and ropes. He'd wrap a rope around his arm so tight it would almost cut off the circulation, he'd burn the top of a lighter into his arm and when he was bored he'd scratch his leg till it was bleeding.

He always felt like the odd one out, until he met somebody new. Somebody who felt differently towards Niall than everybody else.

And once he found out about Niall's fascination and odd habits that boy felt something that you could only explain as excitement

WARNING: contains violence, BDSM, and sexual scenes or references


7. 07

I sat outside on the porch with my phone in my hand... Am I really just going to ditch Zayn?

He's my first real friend, and I know I hurt his feelings by saying I don't want to be his friend.

But he still went into that weird thing and when he was hurting me he didn't even care. He just... Liked it.

The burn was nice now, but he'd scared me so much saying what he did to me. Saying that he'd hit me, that he liked my noises, and my begging

It was all so weird.

The door opened up and then Zayn's mom sat beside me

"Are you alright?"

I nodded "I think I'm gonna go home"

"Whatever Zayn did he didn't mean it" she said softly "he's not very good with making friends. He is at first but... He's always left alone in the end"


She nodded "he was excited when he got home yesterday, saying he had a friend just like him"

"I'm not like him" I shook my head "I thought I was but-"

"He's going to be so hurt if you go home" she told me "he's a sensitive boy, but he doesn't like people knowing"


"I don't know why but whenever we move he gets a friend or two, or everybody likes him to start with and then they just don't. At his last school nobody even spoke to him, he just got bullied"

"That's so nasty"

"He tells me people bully you too" she gave me a sad smile "he says it doesn't make him feel so horrible when he's with you"

"Zayn's scary..." I admitted "I don't-"

She gave a heavy sigh "I'm so sorry, Niall"

"Huh, why?"

"I don't know why he's like that" she put her hands in her hair "it's just his thing and it makes life so difficult with him-"

"You know about it?"

"Of course I do" she frowned "why wouldn't I?"

"I figured your kid's sex life wasn't usually shared"

"He didn't share it with me, I figured it out pretty quick" she told me "he does lose his temper a lot and he does like to hurt people but... He doesn't like to hurt people more than they want which is in a way decent of him"

"Can I go home?"

"Of course you can, sweetie" she said softly "nobody's stopping you"


"Is just being Zayn" she told me "he can't control you, alright? His father and I wouldn't let him"

"Thank you"

I began to scroll through my contacts for my mom's number

"Zayn is going to be so heart broken" she whispered "he was so happy that he found you..."

"I am sorry"

I couldn't imagine Zayn having hurt feelings, but that could just be because of how he'd flipped with me before his parents arrived

Z: please don't go home

I ignored it and tapped my mom's name

Z: i'm so sorry Niall

I hit the message button and began to text her when another message popped up

Z: please don't leave me alone

I sighed, now annoyed... Why do I feel so horrible?

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