Silverchair - Ziall

C'mon, abuse me more I like it....

C'mon keep talking 'cause it's true....

Niall grew up different. He was often given names like a freak or a psycho for his obsession with things like pain and gore.

He wasn't like the other kids, he loved getting hurt.

Niall never understood his obsession with pain, he liked to hurt himself with lighters and ropes. He'd wrap a rope around his arm so tight it would almost cut off the circulation, he'd burn the top of a lighter into his arm and when he was bored he'd scratch his leg till it was bleeding.

He always felt like the odd one out, until he met somebody new. Somebody who felt differently towards Niall than everybody else.

And once he found out about Niall's fascination and odd habits that boy felt something that you could only explain as excitement

WARNING: contains violence, BDSM, and sexual scenes or references


6. 06

Zayn had made me clean up the bed. He left me in the room alone with a change of covers which I put on. I then had to go wash the dirty ones myself.

I was just in my underwear, and when I went back to the room, Zayn was checking under the sheets

"You didn't flip the mattress" he told me "do it again"


"Do it again"

He hit my ass hard again, and I huffed annoyed, pulling off all the covers and doing it all over again

Stupid Zayn.

He came back upstairs to look at if I'd fixed it. He then nodded "good job"

"Thanks" I muttered

"Can you call your mom and ask if you can stay the night?" Zayn asked, kissing my head

I nodded and called her up at that second

"Hey honey" she greeted

"Hi mom" I greeted her back "I was wondering if maybe I can stay at Zayn's for the night?"

"Oh... I don't know" she said "I still haven't met Zayn or his parents"

"You can meet them tomorrow when you pick me up" I told her

"And you don't have any spare clothes either"

"Zayn said I could just use his"

"Alright" she gave in "I can't really say no, you're an adult afterall"

"Thank you" I told her "love you, bye"

"And?" Zayn raised an eyebrow as I hung up

"I can stay"

"Cool" he gave a single nod

"Is there a specific room I have to sleep in?" I asked

"My room" Zayn said casually

I nodded, feeling my cheeks heat. I was going to share a bed with Zayn tonight.




My whole body had been prickling the rest of the day. I'd never had anybody touch me like that and my body was still feeling Zayn's touch.

Whenever we came into any form of contact, my body would buzz.

His parents weren't home yet, which was odd because it was getting dark

"Do you actually live with your parents?" I asked him

"Of course I do, that's what I told you" Zayn frowned "they're just not back yet"

"They've been gone all day" I said softly "do they usually-"

"They're adults, they can do whatever they want to" He cut me off "do you think I'm a liar or something?"

"No" I said quickly "I was just worried that they maybe were hurt or-"

"Listen up" Zayn gripped my wrists "if you accuse me of lying again I will hit you. I may like you but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you question what I tell you"

"What?" I whispered, now scared

"I would not lie to you" his eyes were angry "do I make myself clear, Niall?"

I nodded quickly "I... I want to go home"

"No, you're staying at my house tonight"

"But I don't want to"

"So what?" He snapped "you've already confirmed it, don't be such a bitch"


He snatched my phone from me and tucked it into his pocket

"You're not allowed to call your mom, not until I give you your phone back"

"What's wrong with you?" I whimpered

"Nothing" he snapped "nothing is wrong with me, why're you suddenly being such a baby?"

"I-I'm not!" I insisted

"Yes you are" he growled at me "are you going to cry because I took your phone?"

"No I-"

"Or are you going to cry because you want to go home?"


"Liar" he spat "you're a stone cold liar"

"No I'm not"

He grabbed my hair, looking angrier

"You're lying through your teeth" he went on "don't lie to my face and don't argue with me"

He smirked and pulled my hair, making me squeak

"You don't like that?" He mocked

He tugged harder and I grit my teeth with watery eyes

"Do it again" Zayn instructed "make that noise"

He pulled harder, which made the noise leave my lips again

"That's so hot" he told me "I can't wait to make you squeal like that under me"

"O-ow!... Please"

"Are you begging?" He asked me harshly "begging like a slave? Like scum? Did I say you could beg?"

"Zayn... You're hurting me"

"I know that's the point you dumb slut"

He pulled my hair even harder and I let out a cry for mercy

"Let go of me, Zayn!"

"Don't tell me what to do" he then twisted my hair to continue pulling

"Please! Please let go, please... Please, please!"

"I like your begging" he chuckled

"Zayn..." I whimpered "I don't want this anymore, stop"

He instantly let go, his eyes instantly returning to their warm brown

I sniffled, letting out a pained whimper

"I... Did I hurt you too much?" He asked quietly

"What's wrong with you?" I let out a sob

"Niall, wait!"

I bolted downstairs, heading for the door. But before I got there it swung open, and a tall man stood in the doorway

I cowered, and my back instantly hit Zayn's body

"Who's this?"

"Niall" Zayn instantly answered "he's a friend from school"

That's Zayn's dad? Fuck, he's scary.

A short woman made her way in, she frowned when she saw me crying

"Zayn, I thought I told you to play nicely with your friends"

"I am"

"Zayn" she warned

"Sorry, momma"

Momma? What?

The door shut and the woman smiled at me, bringing me into a tight hug

"I'm Trisha, you must be the famous Niall"

"Famous?" I asked confused

"Zayn told me about you yesterday" she nodded "it never ended"

I looked back at Zayn surprised. His expression was neutral, and I was blushing.

"Yasser" the tall man shook my hand "I'm Zayn's father. Welcome Niall"

"I-I'm actually-"

"Niall's staying the night" Zayn cut me off

"Oh already?" Trisha asked "how lovely, you two must be really good friends"

"We are" Zayn said firmly

I want to go home.

"Niall come with me"

His parents were staring and I gulped but nodded, walking up to him.

He instantly laced our fingers and took me back upstairs

I was shocked when I got embraced in a gentle hug

"I'm sorry" he mumbled "I didn't mean to frighten you"

"Then why-"

"I got too carried away" he continued to mumble into my hair "next time I won't be so forward... I'm not used to having a beginner so my instincts haven't quite kicked into safety mode"


"Don't worry" he shook his head "did I hurt you too much?"

I shook my head

"Please don't lie to me" his voice was extra gentle, and it was still kind of scary

"It's... My scalp hurts but that's it"

"How much?"

"It's kind of nice now" I said embarrassed

"Okay" he nodded "as long as it's not too much, I don't want to hurt you more than you can handle"

"It doesn't"

"Please don't go home" Zayn pulled back, with a hurt look in his eyes "I want you to stay here tonight"

"I... I don't want to" I whispered

"I said I was sorry"

"I know but-"

"You're my only friend here" Zayn said quietly "I don't want to have no friends"

I shook my head "I don't want to be your friend anymore"

He just handed me my phone, still looking hurt

"Sorry Zayn but... You're too violent"

"I thought you liked violent"

"I do" I told him "but I don't like scary"

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