Silverchair - Ziall

C'mon, abuse me more I like it....

C'mon keep talking 'cause it's true....

Niall grew up different. He was often given names like a freak or a psycho for his obsession with things like pain and gore.

He wasn't like the other kids, he loved getting hurt.

Niall never understood his obsession with pain, he liked to hurt himself with lighters and ropes. He'd wrap a rope around his arm so tight it would almost cut off the circulation, he'd burn the top of a lighter into his arm and when he was bored he'd scratch his leg till it was bleeding.

He always felt like the odd one out, until he met somebody new. Somebody who felt differently towards Niall than everybody else.

And once he found out about Niall's fascination and odd habits that boy felt something that you could only explain as excitement

WARNING: contains violence, BDSM, and sexual scenes or references


2. 02

Zayn turned out to have a couple of classes with me. He was in my music and my math's class.

So, he walked with me to music

"Alright class this is Zayn, today's his first day" she smiled "okay Zayn, we're doing duets this week and you're lucky you've only missed two lessons. Do you see anyone you'd like to duet with?"

I noticed a few girls flaunting at him but he just smiled at me

"Does Niall have a partner?"

The teacher seemed surprised but shook her head, the class looked shocked once again

"I think I'll go with him" Zayn grinned

He came and sat down with me, ruffling my bottle blond hair

"Hey again" he chuckled

"Hey" I offered a smile

We got out instruments and I got the guitar since it was the only thing I could play. Zayn had a guitar too and after telling him that he could sing he said he wanted me to sing as well. So we were both on guitar and both singing.

"What song are we doing?" Zayn asked

"I haven't even decided yet"

"Do you know who She Wants Revenge is?" Zayn asked

I shook my head

Zayn whipped out his phone and earphones then offered me one. I put it into my left ear and he put it into his right

Got a big plan, his mind's set, maybe it's right. At the right place right time, maybe tonight. In a whisper or handshake sending a sign, wanna make out and kiss hard, wait never mind...

I listened carefully to all the lyrics. They were sexual but they were dark too, I loved it. The band didn't sound like pop, maybe they were goth rock or something.

The chorus was my favourite part

I want to hold you close, skin pressed against me tight. Lie still, close your eyes girl, so lovely it feels so right

I want to hold you tight, soft breath, beating heart. As I whisper in your ear, I want to fucking tear you apart...

"Well?" Zayn asked

"I think it's perfect"

"Cool" he grinned "it's one of my favourite bands"

"Are all their songs that dark?" I asked curiously

"Not really, they're all just sexual in an unusual way" Zayn laughed

"I like it" I mumbled

I pulled out my phone and unlocked it, going into my notes to add the song name on there

"I like your background" Zayn told me softly

"You do?" I was surprised

"Yeah, it's hot"

I couldn't help but blush, nobody had ever said that to me

"Thanks" I offered a smile

My lock screen was a man with a mask covering his whole body, his hands were cuffed up above his head. There were cuts in the material where his skin was scabbed or bleeding.

"Do you like that kind of stuff?"


"Are you a sadist or a masochist?" Zayn asked

"What is that?"

"Sadists like to inflict pain on others for pleasure" Zayn told me "Masochists like to have pain inflicted on them for pleasure"

"I... Both I guess" I told him "I mean I like hurting myself so-"

"I'm a sadist" he told me softly

"Liar" I snorted

"No, really" he told me

"So you like to inflict pain on others for pleasure?" I asked "what kind of pleasure?"

"Sexual of course"

My heart began to race. Does that mean he'd hurt me? Physically? For his own gain?

"We should hang out tomorrow" he gave me a friendly smile

"How come?"

"As I said in hard tech, I like you, I think you're cool"

"Will your parents be home?"

"I don't know" he shrugged "probably"

"Okay" I nodded "sure"

He grasped my phone from my hands and put his name into my contacts as Zayn. And texted himself from my phone.

He nicknamed me 'pet' in his phone which confused me a little but wasn't too bad a nickname.

"I'll text you later tonight" Zayn told me

His background was pretty weird. It was a shirtless kid in a horror sort of rabbit mask. Did I actually have a friend now?

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