Magnus's Daughter

"Just go through the portal, sweetheart." father said. I nodded and ran down the long corridor to the portal. A blue light hitting my head and taking what I needed most. My memories.

But Kylie Bane doesn't need her memories, does she?

(Based off Tv Show on "FreeForm")

(Some Malec is noticeable)


14. Where You Belong

"Come on, Kylie. Let's go." Camille said. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the window. "We have to go before your dads come up here to check on you." She kept pulling on my arm but I wouldn't move. "Kylie, move! Now! Come to where you belong. With me, your mother." she said. I tried to yank my arm away but as soon as she said 'mother' I gave up. I let her drag me to the window. I let her pull me down. I let her drag me around the city and to Hotel DuMort. "Now if Raphael says anything about me keeping you here. Just smile and say that you came here willingly."

"Raphael knows me too well. He'll see right through me." I said to her. I guess her plan isn't going to work after all.

"Since when does Raphael know anybody other than himself." she laughed. "Stop trying to freak me out. Nobody's been able to do that for years."

"Yes ma'am." I said. We walked into Hotel DuMort and a bunch of vampires waited for us. Including Raphael.

"Kylie, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm here with Camille. And don't worry, I came willingly." I smiled like Camille told me to and wished that it would work because if it didn't. I don't know what Camille would do.

"Right. Okay I will pretend to believe that." he said then turned around and walked away. After the vampires were done looking at me, Camille dragged to a spare room.

"Okay so you will have to be more careful next time. Raphael doesn't believe you." Camille said to me. I just rolled my eyes.

"What grudge do you have against my parents?" I asked.

"I never said anything about your parents."

"Well you don't know me so there is obviously no grudge there." I said. She just stood shocked. "Now what grudge do you have against my parents?"

"I was very willing to give you away when you were first born. I gave you to your father. But then he took you and ran away with Alec. And in case you haven't noticed, Alec has connections with the Clave so now you have connections with the Clave. And what better way to get on the Clave's good side then to have you say I'm okay. I'll be on the good side and I won't have to worry about the Clave arresting me. A long time ago when Valentine was at large. The second time of course when your parents, aunts, and uncles were teenagers. I did something very bad. I'm not going to tell you but let's just say it wasn't the best thing to do at the time." she said. Bad. She's bad. Okay Kylie, just think, whatever she did, it is probably the worst she will ever do. Hopefully.

"Camille! The Clave is right outside the hotel!" someone shouted.

"Raphael!" Camille shouted. Raphael walked in looking all innocent.

"Yes?" he asked.

"What have you done?" she asked.

"Saved the sweetest girl to ever walk this earth." and with that remark, Camille launched at Raphael. She shoved into a wall. And by into, I mean through.

"Camille! Leave him alone." she turned to me and smirked.

"And if I don't?" she asked. I thought real hard. This voice in the back of my head started mocking me.

Like you could do anything, you're just a warlock. A weak warlock.

Warlock.... Warlock! That's it! I picked the first spell that came into my head that my dad had taught me. A spell that can make a fire. Blue started forming in my hand. Camille just stood there unfazed by the magic. I shot the blue ball at Camille dead on in her face. Her hair was scorched and her skin was a little red. Nothing more.

"That all you got? I expected more from you since you father is Magnus." she said. I got real angry and thought of the next spell. A light spell. If any of the spells could do damage, it was this one. I formed the spell into my hand and through the blue ball up in the air. The light started out small but eventually got bigger. Now Camille was scared. Since the light is just like sunlight, Camille started to burn. She screamed while her skin was scorching and burning away. And just like that, she was gone.

Raphael got up off the ground and walked through the new hole in the wall. Good thing the light had burnt out.

"She gone for good now?" he asked. I nodded. At that exact time, a bunch of Clave members, including my parents, walked in the room.

"Kylie! Are you okay?" my dad and Papa asked at the same time. I nodded. Seems like I can't talk today.

After everything was cleaned up, everyone except the vampires left. Once my family got home my dad turned to me.

"I think it's time I give you back what is rightfully yours."


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